About to give up
#1 01-09-2015 
If I could i'd just move into the woods and live off the land Sad Life has really been kicking me lately. While on the plus side, I got a job, but now, the van is acting up. Got it started by jumping it, but then had to run it for a while as per usual with jumping, and now gas light is on and have to take Elise to her first day of preschool tomorrow. Don't know if I can, but really don't want her to miss her first day Sad hope the van is "fixed" so I will be able to actually go to my new job. I really don't want to adult anymore. I'm barely keeping it together at this point. All this is just the icing on a really crappy cake of late.
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#2 01-09-2015 
Oh Jones. Sad

I'd been missing you around here. So sorry to hear the reasons for your absence haven't been good ones.

* fanseelamb doesn't know what else to say so opts for a big virtual {{{{{hug}}}}} instead

#3 01-09-2015 
* justJones wishes sheep were here so she could cry into her wool

I just can't do it anymore

#4 01-09-2015 
I hear you Jones. =( I had myself a nice fat helping of the same crapcake for breakfast this morning, as well. I wont even tell you what was in the glass of what i thought was chocolate milk!

Grown-upping kinda sucks. Sometimes, you just wanna Quit Without Saving.

Hang in there... you're not alone.
We're here for you if you wanna vent...
or riot!
...i'm just saying...
either way.


#5 01-09-2015 
You can do it. Trust me on that. *hugs*

Btw, when the gas light comes on? There's usually 1-2 (I think it's more like 2) gallons of gas left in the tank. So you should be able to get your little one to school, no problem. Wish I was able to help in some way.

#6 02-09-2015 
Aww Jones - I wish I was there to give you a bear hug, and hold you til you feel better. Glad for the job, but so sorry that everything else sucks. Sad

#7 02-09-2015 
Sad Sorry to hear about all this - except the JOB!! yay you.

#8 02-09-2015 
Adding my hugs to everyone else's, Jones. You can do it - hold on in there!

#9 02-09-2015 
* NixNivis adds her virtual hugs to the pile

This is the blessing and the curse of the Internet: You can make friends with people in a completely different part of the world, that you never would have met otherwise, and that's awesome... but when that friend is going through a rough time and all you want is to give them a (real, physical) hug, you can't, because they're in a completely different part of the world. And that sucks. Sad

Hang in there, Jones! You can do it, I know you can - and you've got a bowl of fish from all over the world rooting for you. Heart

#10 02-09-2015 
Fishes are "solidaires" between them! I send you some love dear Jones!


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