Play & Chat -- What's happening in your game today?
#1 04-09-2015 
Hello! I'm Skoorl and I thought I would create this topic because it was on The Sims 3 forum but that unfortunately is not available for posting anymore. The ideas is that you can talk about what has happened in your game and post daily (or even several times a day!) You can also include pictures to show off the events and to introduce your Sims. You can post about The Sims 1,2, 3, and 4! So don't think this is just a Sims 2 forum! Smile
Skoorl, proud to be a member of LeeFish since Aug 2015.

#2 04-09-2015 
@Skoorl Hi Smile

Great idea, but I gotta warn you some of the leefishers are downright odd, so be careful what you wish for. Here is a clue vamp

#3 04-09-2015 
@leefish Oh dear! I'm sure I'll be able to put up with them Thanks for the warning Smile

#4 04-09-2015 
She'll put up with us. Reading

Well the last thing my sim did was eat his very first gyro because it took seven years for me to discover there are gyros in the game. In my defence though, many of my sims don't eat food..... vamp

Anyway this is the sim who's been surviving on microwaved ramen noodles since arriving in town. He once set the kitchen on fire microwaving said noodles. Yes microwaving. He set the kitchen on fire microwaving noodles. He's also the sim who's supposed to become a brilliant doctor. My town is in excellent hands.

Here's a gif of him reading a book with his best friend, Fox Mulder.

[Image: tumblr_nqlak4qJ0c1uy3grto1_540.gif]

(The gif is a large file, is it okay to post those inline here on leefish?)

#5 04-09-2015 
Woah! That's an awesome gif! I didn't know you could make gifs out of Sims clips. I'll post an update on what's happening in my Sims 2 game tomorrow, I've just been on the game for a few hours snapping some pics. Also your sim looks really cool! I like your fox as well on the bedside table, I might have to get one of those. Wink

#6 04-09-2015 
@fanseelamb Post away Smile

#7 05-09-2015 
Thanks, Skoorl! Yes isn't that fox cute? I love him. You can download him here.

#8 05-09-2015 
What's happening in MY game today? ...well... for the first time in about 14 months, it's WoRKING!!!

@Karen Lorraine provided me with a LOT of help today, sorting out what files were supposed to go where. @ranabluu, @LaughDreamLove, @MSD and @Twi all pitched in and helped with some tips, ideas, pointers and links. And then @fanseelamb helped put the icing on the cake and clean up the earlier kerfuffle that had my sims all jacked up.


I'm too tired to play right now, but pix will be forthcoming. Thank you EVERYBODY, for all your help! Leefish's fishies have been SO welcoming and so helpful and friendly. It's been a pleasure to be a gnoob fish in your pond!

#9 05-09-2015 
Wow grin! So pleased for you, can't wait to see some pictures from your game!

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