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#41 07-03-2016 
Here is Jill Smith, and Samuel Ranger at SSU.

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#42 07-03-2016 
I'm very much the other way around. I lay back on the makeup, and rely more on good genes and better natural looks. Of course, the fun is that that doesn't always work as well as one might hope, and then I get some special sims: the ones with defects! And because they are a bit less common in my game, I value those all that much more, as long as they are not Maxis fuglies!

The sloppy, filthy, rude and otherwise annoying behavior, though... that is something that is not modded out when using replacement PTs or new skins and face templates. So I still get those in the same quantities, when my sims are autonomous.

#43 10-03-2016 
I started building an amusement park but somehow it's now grown into two amusement parks. Rolleyes

#44 10-03-2016 
I've been playing with Buy mode - Ikea stuff pack... in real life! IVAR storage was 20% off. Big Grin

#45 13-08-2016 
I'll be taking a trip to my daughters boot camp graduation (she's in the Army). It's 24 hour bus ride, so my Sims are coming along. Probably will play some in Strangetown. Will Sirleen Smith keep her grades up for college?

Maybe some in Simsylvania, at Simsylvania High School (Go SIMBERWOLVES!)

Some in the Ottomas Empire, some in my apocalyptic neighborhood, Hells Butthole.


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