Monobloc garden chair
#1 13-09-2015 
Hello,I came with another WIP.In one of those day I'm gonna finish theseWink

So I always wanted this iconic(infamous?) chair for my pixel people and as always didn't find one i liked.
Therefore I made one myself
[Image: 2015-09-14%2000_12_33-The%20Simstrade%20...kj6tai.png]
[Image: 2015-09-14%2000_12_57-The%20Simstrade%20...aj4uaz.png]
[Image: Screenshot_zpsroyr6lt8.png]

Polycount quite high tho -2500 - but it has many curves and ridges to justify them.
play with reflectivity and EnvCube a little moore too
Can You pronounce "veoauto"?

#2 13-09-2015 
Impressive re-creation, Oeselian. Very well done.

IRL, I *hate* this type of chair. True, they're cheap and lightweight and when not in use, they stack to use very little space. But they're fugly and not very comfortable, and I've seen quite a few of them break very quickly.

#3 06-10-2016 
But think of the POOR simmies Big Grin

#4 06-10-2016 
Yeah, @gayars, I *did* say that they're cheap, didn't I? Big Grin


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