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Bland white ceiling tiles. Found in the floor tile section of your catalogue for §2 per tile.

Obviously they require whichever expansion added ceilings in order to use them as ceiling tiles.

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Bland White Ceiling Tiles Screenshot Bland White Ceiling Tiles Screenshot Bland White Ceiling Tiles Screenshot        
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#2 17-09-2015
You've uploaded them, yay! Big Grin I can think of a bunch of different settings where these will be useful. Thank you for sharing!

(I think ceilings came with AL, but don't quote me on that.)

#3 17-09-2015
Yes well so far they're being used in my Night Shift hospital and Mulder's office. But I suppose people can put them other places if they must. Tongue

I think you're right about ceilings coming with AL. Not sure if later expansions also included them or not. But even if you don't have ceilings these tiles won't crash your game or anything, they'll just look silly on the floor.

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