Power Station
#1 21-09-2015 
So, I found an abandoned Sims2 project (cleaning my harddrive) - a resized powerstation hooddeco object GMDC. I remember why i never shared it - I was unable to figure out how to adjust the position of the "steam" effects. The hood object has effects, but no slot for the effect, so its just starting right from the foot of the object. I could see the cres when I made the GMDC, I am wondering if all it needs is an effects slot adding. The steam is not that bad - I only increased it from one storey to two, but it is not perfect.
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#2 21-09-2015 
oh my gosh! you know how to make hood deco?!! That's SO Awesome!!


#3 21-09-2015 
Er no, I dont know how to make hood deco Smile I know how to make a default replacement.

#4 21-09-2015 
Try it, it might work.

Yes, that's all the advice you'll get from me. Big Grin I mean, I know how to add an effect to an object and add the slot for it.. but you're talking about a hood object that already has an effect. But that effect has to be referenced in the package somewhere (BHAVs, CRES...) so as long as you know the name of it, try adding the slot and see what happens.

* mustluvcatz waits for Nix to come along and tell her that she has no idea what she's talking about, lol

Wait! What do you mean you don't know how to make hood deco? It's easier than making regular objects. Silly fish.

#5 21-09-2015 
I never tried MLC, So I can only say I dunno how. It may well be easy Smile

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In theory it's just like any other item, in that it's a mesh with a texture applied to it. It differs in that it doesn't need to be interacted with by your simmies.

So far, it sounds like *anyone* can make hood deco. But I'm sure it's really not as easy as that. You can know all about the how and what, but if you have no creative abilities whatsoever, it's quite tough to get something nice going.

That's why *I* am not trying anything like that. And that's also why I am truly in awe of *anyone* who can create *anything* that looks even a *little* more complicated than the bland solid single-color cube that'd come out of *my* hands.

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Sorry Lee, didn't mean for that to sound.. (insert word here cuz I can't think of anything besides mean!) in any way. It just sort of boggled my mind that you'd never made hood deco since you've made so many other awesome things over the years. I was like "No way!".

For the most part, as long as you know how to get a mesh into the game (whether you made it or converted it) it's pretty easy to make hood deco - as long as it's something simple enough. It's more fulfilling to make stuff for the actual game though. I think plumbbobs you can pray to or stepping stones that light up are cooler than a new rock for the hood. Wink

#8 22-09-2015 
Amen to that last statement, @mustluvcatz! A nice hood deco is cool in its own right. But an object that can be interacted with in-game, is indeed a lot more enjoyable. Still, I fail at either! Tongue

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This is the object if anyone wants to try it: I think it came with Apartment life?

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I'll pop it into my PV2 Build Hood, because that's got lots of testing things in already - let you know how it goes after work.

[Image: pp2.jpg]

I'm not sure how far up you set it - the steam looks like it's coming out of the funnels, but it also looks like it's coming from about 1/3 from the top. I think it's obvious in the picture.
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