Does This Mod Exist?
#1 24-09-2015 
I vaguely recall seeing a mod that adds a "clean" pie menu option to sims, which makes them go around and clean everything the way they would if another sim influenced them to clean.

But now I can't find it anywhere.

Does that mod exist? Did I dream it? And if it does exist.... where?

#2 24-09-2015 
Pescado's Macrotastics adds - among others - a clean command to the menu that does exactly that. It's sure to be found at Pes' home base MATY (More Awesome Than You), or just type "Macrotastics" in Google, and it will point you to where to get it.

#3 24-09-2015 
Ooh thanks. That's just what I was looking for... but with a whole bunch of extra stuff. Might try and edit it for personal use to remove all the other things I don't particularly want.

ETA: Yeaaah looked at it in SimPE and it's a bit beyond my skills. I can sort of guess at what to delete and just keep the clean/garden/repair/take out trash options.... but I'm not completely sure what other not-so-obvious things need to stay in the file. And I'm wary of installing such a large mod that does way more than I want, so guess I'll pass on it for now.
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#4 24-09-2015 
I can't blame you, Fansee. I've found *one* situation where Macrotastics affects sims in undesirable ways: if you play shops (OFB), and you also have "autosoc" in your game, sims under influence of Macrotastics may develop unpleasant habits like pestering customers, and running outside to harrass passers-by.

But if that combo doesn't happen in your game - you don't play shops, or you don't have autosoc - then Macrotastics is reasonably safe to use, as long as you avoid the options/commands that you don't want. It is quite a popular mod, and - though I hesitate to say it - Pescado is a rather skilled coder.

Trying to cut stuff out is indeed not recommended. I've trimmed quite a few mods down for my personal use, but I don't dare touch that beast! There's too much going on in there.

#5 24-09-2015 
I think it would make more sense to rather than trim down macrotastics, to make one from scratch. Simwardrobe has one which fixes plate cleaning - that would be one to start from. Do any of the test objects that EA put in have influencing?

I don't use Pescado stuff if I can help it - just the fixes simply because I don't want to play my game his way.

#6 24-09-2015 
Well, making one from scratch isn't easy either. I'm sure it's more than *I* can handle.

I agree with you on the usage of Pes' stuff, though. Playing the game the way Pes does might not be so bad, if you knew *beforehand* what you were getting yourself into. Often, you don't... Because he often sneaks in features that he never mentions. But I've never before known him to sneak in features that only show if you use a specific *combo* of his mods... For a couple of years, I liked having those macro features around, so I had this mod in. But when I recently discovered how it was responsible for effing up gameplay in my sim's businesses, I had to make a choice what to get rid of: autosoc or macrotastics. The latter lost the game.

So I only use of his, what I *like*. And even then, all that I have of Pes' mods, loads first! Some of it may have some ok features, but if anything ever conflicts with another mod that I have, the other mod must be preferable!

#7 24-09-2015 
Yeah, making one from scratch is beyond me too and it's not something I want badly enough to frustrate myself trying.

For the longest time I didn't even know Pescado's mods snuck in extra stuff. It wasn't until I saw a post about the "annoying" body skill gain sims get from studying physiology that I learned that feature even existed! I'd had Pescado's "alfixes" mod installed from day 1 because it was supposedly critical, and that mod killed the skill gain so I'd entirely missed a feature of the game - and I'd always been confused about why sims got no benefit from studying physiology. Argh. So ever since then I'm wary of Pescado mods. Plus in general I like to use as few mods as possible, so getting a mod that does 10 extra things I don't need is not very appealing.

#8 24-09-2015 
I don't really mind having a lot of mods - I currently have about five hundred of them, eighty of which are of my own creation. But I *do* mind mods adding undocumented features. And if those features cause more problems than the mod solves, then it's most definitely byebye!

There's only two or three tiny small harmless mods by dickhurt in my game, for example. The rest is on the not-on-my-life list.
And I must admit that I have more of Pescado's mods than I actually like. But that number was once bigger, and I intend to make it smaller still. All his so-called 'soviet mods' for example (like Business Runs You, Bathroom Uses You and more stuff like that), have no place in my game.

#9 24-09-2015 
i gotta say... my curiosity is piqued, by what kind of hidden things exist in some of these mods. SimSlice has a few mods that come with 'surprises', but they always tell you that there are surprises. If i remember correctly, you can usually find out what they are (generally, if not specifically) if you look hard enough. For instance, their alcohol may cause imbibers to interact socially with members of the household. Doesn't tell you specifically, but it tells you so you know enough to decide if you want it in your game. Completely hidden things, now that's a different story...

That said, a "go clean your room!" command... you'd think it would've been kind of a no-brainer for EAxis to include something like that, standard. Maybe looking at the maid (or gardener or repairman?) and how that's coded, for inspiration and direction? Might it be as simple as locating that code, copying it, and making a pie menu option for it? ...probably not, but!! ...worth a look, right?


#10 25-09-2015 
Well yeah an actual surprise feature like that is different. That's something actually related to the mod you're downloading. It's something you expect and want, if you're downloading that mod. But if I download a mod that's supposed to fix critical problems that will crash/corrupt my game, I don't want that same mod to also stop sims from gaining new skill rewards.

I don't blame any modder for making mods that suit their own gameplay style. It makes sense that they would. They just don't always suit my gameplay style, so I avoid the ones that don't.

Anyway, yeah, in theory it sounds like a somewhat simple mod to make. But I find that type of modding ridiculously frustrating, so it's not something I'm keen on doing myself.


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