Does This Mod Exist?
#21 08-10-2015 
Well after reading a tutorial. I attempted to make a mod....keyword attempted. It isn't easy. I so far only have the words...Go Clean! I am having trouble with adding the actual actions. I also looked at the macro...mod and thought if I could copy bits and pieces and modify it would be fine, but since I don't have a clue that didn't work either. I am going to give it another go this weekend.

#22 08-10-2015 
(08-10-2015 07:49 PM)fanseelamb Wrote:  Third option: Have your sim invite a skilled friend over and influence them to repair.

Yea... assuming your sim has sufficient friends to support that much influence power... Wink

#23 09-10-2015 
hahaha... well, I didn't actually think of that! My sim in question has influence coming out his ears! ...but the problem is, being a romance sim, he's usually got other plans for his guests that don't include repairing broken sprinklers. And influencing a third sim to do the job, well... chances are, he's probably hooked up with them, too... Jealousy's such a hassle! Hahaha!

I suppose he could be an uber-douche and influence his dates to do household chores AFTERWARDS, while he gets his 'beauty rest'. hahaha... what a Jerk!


#24 09-10-2015 
Just pull some random sim off the street then. Any ol' passerby will do.

#25 09-10-2015 
I'm afraid that won't work either, @fanseelamb. His sim would probably immediately want to do the passerby, regardless of gender or preference... Smile

#26 16-11-2015 
Sorry to bump a month-old thread but I've been playing with macrotastics over the weekend and thoughts I'd share my thoughts/findings.

I've found the macrotastics package does run fine/probably better on it's own rather than with skillinator, autosoc, autoyak, business runs your or bathroom uses you, all the over stuff that's bundled with it or recommended to go with it but really adds features I don't want. So one way to cut it down is to only install this package, and ignore the others. The clean, repair, garden and take out trash options functions do work well. Do homework, concentrate, and procrastinate I've also found useful.

Also, I've not found it not too hard to disable options I didn't want in SimPE, the pie menu functions seem to all have an associated test BHAVs like "CT - Be Farmer - Test" or "Interaction - Kick Stuff - Test" (I'm going from memory here, and the naming convention switches between the two for reasons I don't know) that can be set to return false in all circumstances to stop the menu options appearing. There's also function named something along the lines of "Test - Can Sim Run", which I've set to return false in all circumstances as I found sims running about all the time to be annoying. I wouldn't re-distribute the mod with these changes, it's not my mod and I can't be sure I'm not causing problems. Just thought I'd let others now in case they wanted to attempt it for themselves. So far, I've not run into any problems.

#27 16-11-2015 
Yeah, on its own Macrotastics is absolutely brilliant. To me, though, autosoc/autoyak is more impoprtant, and it isn't the same with Macrotastics added. I'll survive without MT.

Oh, the reason why some functions start with CT and others don't:
  • Normally, all BHAVs are called by their instance number, not their name. This is possible, because in most cases, it's certain that they are there. On the same object, or in the same group, semi-global or global group.
  • CT- functions, however, refer to BHAVs that are on different objects, whose presence is not certain at the time of writing the BHAV. The author knows which function they need, and the object it is on, but they cannot say with certainty that the player will *have* the object that contains that function. Calling it by instance number is impossible, because the BHAV cannot be compiled with such unknown references in it. So, because the BHAV cannot be referenced by number, they use a work-around: they specify the object on which the function should be, and then *search* for the function by *name*, not instance number. If the function exists, it can safely be run, and otherwise it's skipped. All BHAVs that employ this technique, usually get "CT - " prepended to signify this.

So the things with "CT - " are probably all functions that would only work if certain other mods of Pescado's hand are also present. The rest can all be run with MT only!

#28 16-11-2015 
I've never had autosoc or autoyak, so I don't know what I'm missing I guess! I'm quite cautious when it comes to adding mods to my game, especially ones from MATY which as you say often contain extra undocumented features. For now, I am having fun with Macrotastics though.

I always wondered how modders got their stuff to work over multiple packages, and get different mods to play nicely with each other, the CT technique makes sense, thanks for the explanation.

Quick Edit: I do have a follow up question though for future reference, how is the object to run the function against specified? Is it the stack object?
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#29 16-11-2015 
They usually have it referenced by the only truly unique attribute - the GUID number -, which - I think - is indeed supplied in the Stack Object. But let me look into that...

Anyway, I am usually also very cautious of what I put in my Downloads folder. I had to learn it the hard way, though; I already had a lot of Pescado's mods, before I found out about his love for hidden features...

EDIT: Yep, they usually run Primitive 0x1C ("Run Tree By Name") with the name of the function they need, just after having put some value in the Stack Object. This technique also works when there are multiple objects of the same type, like chairs or beds. They all have similar features, but the sim in question uses only one of these. Which one exactly, that is uncertain at the time of writing the BHAV. Only the fact that the object uses a specific semi-global group and has the desried functions, is known. Run-Tree-By-Name is truly useful...

#30 16-11-2015 
Ah OK, I've seen "Run Tree By Name" before, but never understood it's proper use. It makes sense now, and does indeed seem very useful. Thanks again for sharing your knowledge.


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