Still Hamlet question: responsive or gomobile theme?
#1 25-09-2015 
Hi Lee, I still have this question Big Grin and I don't know what I do:

- Responsive: I need only a template for all resolution screens and templates but then I don't know how to manage Ads banners..on mobile is difficult this (little space) and Adsense doesn't want that webmaster hide Ads and many other limits to ads; I have to work more on theme because I have to make responsive for all resolutions.

- Theme only for mobile (like gomobile): I have to work on two themes; users look difference between desktop theme and mobile theme; more easy work on two different themes without to think "If I add this then on mobile how it will to be?"; Gomobile checks if a device is Android / Iphone etc but many users have Ipad or tablet (Apple or Android, 768px?) so I would like they look to desktop theme; mobile theme only for maximum 768px?

I know I made a theme only for desktop and you advise me two different themes but I always doubts Sad


#2 26-09-2015 
Yea, this is always the issue Smile

Me, I would go with go mobile and see how it goes with the ipad users. If you make the desktop theme so it looks alright at 768px (and you can do this with tables) then your problem is solved.

#3 26-09-2015 
Thank you Lee, then I continue with two themes

Sorry, that is a members only option