No autonomous water wiggler for Servos
#1 29-09-2015 
Hey BO Smile

I've been meaning to do this myself for ages, but it's beyond me at the moment and I don't see that changing anytime soon. My Servos all insist on committing suicide several times a day if there's a water wiggler present, and since I use them as a method for dogs to tend their own hygiene, many of my lots do have water wigglers.

Any chance you'd be willing to take a look at it? Any solution that allows other Sims and pets to play with it autonomously, but prevents Servos would work. I wouldn't want kids/pets to be robbed of autonomous use just because Servos are dumb and can't remember to stay away from water.
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#2 30-09-2015 
So... a mod to make only *depressed* Servos put a water pistol to their head. Smile

#3 30-09-2015 
Robots don't have feelings, so no, no water pistols period Tongue I'm also reminded that I have quite a few adults who are far too fond of the water wiggler, so an option to make it not autonomous for adults as well would be great. I know how to change autonomy of a menu option, but not how to change it for only some groups and not others.

#4 30-09-2015 
If Robots in general have no feelings, then obviously *depressed* Servos do not exist. So, really, do I *have* to explain my joke? Smile

#5 30-09-2015 
* leefish goes "ohhhhhh" Wink

#6 30-09-2015 
Yeah, I'm sorry about that... *I* have lived with this sinister mind of mine for over 56 years now, and I *still* haven't gotten used to its complicated, obfuscated, subtle, and sometimes rather dark sense of humor. If one may even call it that... Smile

#7 30-09-2015 
Hahaha... I don't know where this whole idea that servos dont have feelings comes from. My servo's an emotional wreck. More wild mood swings than a pre-menopausal bi-polar off their meds! Laughing, crying, laughing, crying... I've had to put gun locks on all my super-soakers!

I wonder if a water park is like a giant colorful torture chamber to them.


#8 30-09-2015 
I figured "depressed" may be Simlish for "in red aspiration", and since I think it stupid that robots have needs or aspirations at all mine are almost without exception in red aspiration due to ignoring their wants Tongue I'm one of those grumps who think they should have brought back the Sims 1 servo. I want a mechanical slave, thanks Tongue

#9 01-10-2015 
THAT I can agree with, @gummilutt! I've never played Sims 1, so I don't know the original servo from experience. But *my* opinion has always been that the servo should have been a mindless automaton. A sim doesn't want to do the boring chores, and cannot afford a maid or butler, or doesn't *want* one? Let him create or buy a mindless automaton to do the work for him. But if the Servo is going to develop the same kind of issues - including the attitude - as his owner, then what the *bleep* is the thing good for, anyway? So after building two servos, I stopped doing that. There are none in my games!

Anyway... I meant to say: I can see if I can adjust the Wiggler's guardian BHAVs to exclude Servos from playing with them. And maybe, I can make it so adults have to be very playful to use them, or it must be very hot out for them to play with it. And Plantsims must ALWAYS be able to play with water, ofcourse... (Yes, I *L*O*V*E* plantsims...) Tongue

#10 01-10-2015 
That's exactly what the original Servo was. Your Sim pressed a button, and it autonomously performed all chores that the maid, gardener and repairman would have done. When nothing remained, it walked back to it's little shed and deactivated. Why they felt the need to make them controllable Sims, with needs and aspirations I will never understand. I've never played one as a Sim, but some of my Sims use them as cheaper manpower, instead of employees. The one that keeps committing water-suicide is owned by a Sim who runs a kennel. It's supposed to keep the food bowls filled and pet beds clean, but all it ever does is beeline for the water wiggler and break. Perhaps it's trying to send a message Tongue

Thank you BO. I look forward to seeing what you come up with. No hidden plans to dissect whatever you do and try to learn to do it myself, nope Wink

Perhaps you've already looked at it and found what you need, but if you haven't, this is what I got so far
7F05E901 - Has the TTAB with water wiggler menu, and the BHAVs the option play calls.
0x7FCF427A - Has the TTAB used for pets bathing for hygiene


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