No autonomous water wiggler for Servos
#11 01-10-2015 
Hey, if you can improve your modding skills by studying my work, then more power to you. There is little else for budding new modders to do but to study the work of others, because really complete SimAntics programming manuals do not exist. In fact, I developed my modding abilities in the same manner: by studying what others modders had created.

Thank you for the Group numbers. They will make it a little easier for me. Smile

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I've found that the BEST use for servos comes with OFB-owned businesses. Have the business owner befriend (NOT Build!!) a Servo. Then, phone Servo and invite him down to your business. You won't have to watch after Servo's needs, but Servo will cook and clean for you. He'll even trim your hedges and scrub toilets (all gender restrictions still apply). Of course, they won't restock shelves or try to sell anything, but if you're running a bar or a restaurant, they can be super-handy, and you don't have to pay them a salary!

TS1 servos... if i remember correctly ...only activated and left their closet when there was something for them to do. They didn't constantly obsess over babies, that's for sure!

[Image: th?id=OIP.M3bdb5a83a4351673f0370a6d4173b...;amp;h=300]

#13 10-01-2016 
@BoilingOil All these recent autonomy-related questions reminded me of this request I made. Back then I had no idea about guardian bhavs and global bhavs that check for stuff, but now that I do, I thought I should at least try to do this myself.

Do you think this should work? Or is that global one of those that shouldn't be used in guardians? I figured if I place it right at the start, I don't need to go through the hoop of deciphering the rest to know where it's suitable to place it, and since I NEVER want a Servo to use the water wiggler, it doesn't matter that it doesn't do the rest of the checks since I want it to say no regardless of the rest.
[Image: IsServo_zpssgputw70.jpg]

#14 10-01-2016 
Hahahaha!!!! So in the end we got you to do this mod yourself! Tongue

Since it is only a test, I *think* it might be safe to use. But with THOSE parameters, it will work like fresh excrement. As in NOT!!!

Click the little (x) in the operands section, and then open the Pop-up Wizard.
Click the "New Format" button.
On the first line (Sim ID), open the drop-down menu and select "My person data".
Now the second part of that line becomes available. Open this menu, and select "Neighbor ID".
On the second line (Use nID?), select "Literal" for the first part, and type "0x0001" for the second.
Then click "Okay" and save the BHAV.

THEN it might work, I think.

#15 10-01-2016 
Is this how you meant?
[Image: LikeThis_zpsicznfktm.jpg]

Never used new format, and I had to click use attribute picker to get a second window, but I'm hoping that's what I was supposed to do Smile And thank you, I didn't touch the parameters, just added the global. I would have hoped it'd be set up to check, but clearly that was optimistic of me Tongue

EDIT: Whether or not that was how I was supposed to do it, it works. Hooray! It's almost as if you know what you are doing or something Wink

I made a minor modification and put the autonomy test as a second line. If it tests true for servo, it goes to the autonomy check and if autonomous, nerfs it, if not continues with the rest of the BHAV. And if false it skips the autonomy check and goes straight to the original code. Tested that one too, and it works.

Do you still want to do your original idea of making it exclusive to playful Sims with exceptions for plantsims, or should I share what I did? Smile
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Yeah, that window appears to look like what I was shooting for. That should do it.
One last thing you may learn from this is: not touching the parameters hardly ever works.

Just publish it, @gummilutt. If I *am* to make that limited version, I'll include your work and credit you for it if I may. Then people will be able to choose: one of your versions to merely block Servo's from autonomously commiting suicide, or mine to also limit/expand the range of living sims that will play with it. There are many people, with many tastes. So there should be room for several versions of a similar mod. Right? Smile

#17 10-01-2016 
Absolutely Smile And of course you can build on what I did. You're the one that did the real work, I just found the right bhavs and added the check (which would not have worked without you).

I'll remember that in the future. I still don't know enough of what things mean to work out how it needs to be, but there's usually some part of code that already does what I want it to do that I can compare with Smile


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