"Slaved" Desk Groundshadow Not Working
#1 30-09-2015 
Today for some crazy reason I decided to make a desk. A desk that matches the "value" kitchen counters. I don't really know how to make desks. So I cloned one of Lee's desks (thank you ma'am) and used MsBarrow's matching counter island as a starting point. Made a mesh that somewhat resembles a desk. Followed a repositorying tutorial and shockingly got the desk to pull it's textures from the Maxis counter.

There's just one thing. Well, two things actually.

#1: The groundshadow. I can't get it to find the right texture and am all out of ideas. I don't even completely know where the right texture IS. I tried removing it completely but the desk kind of looks weird with no shadow underneath it. It'd be usesable enough for me, just not quite right enough to share.

#2: The door handle shadows. The original mesh had a handle shadow group so I kept it, but couldn't get it to find the right texture either. Eventually I just deleted that group since all the other "addon" meshes for this counter also seem to have deleted it. It's not a big deal but if it's easily fixable by someone who actually knows what they're doing, I'd rather fix it.

#3: Wait are there supposed to be wall shadows? I don't know. At this point I don't really care about wall shadows at all.

Anyway, here's a picture of the desk with failed shadow. And I'll post the file too in case anyone wants to look at it, because that's probably a lot easier than me trying to elaborate on exactly where I might have gone wrong.


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#2 30-09-2015 
Fansee it looks amazing!!

I'd edit the SHPE resource to link back to their master, or at least the groundshadow one Smile

Subset Name:
Material Definition File:

Subset Name:
Material Definition File:

Subset Name:
Material Definition File:

I'm no help about the handle shadows and wall shadows sorry :/

#3 30-09-2015 
What Shasta says - also I've noticed that when slaving a bit of furniture - lazy's like me either delete the floor shadow, or leave the shadow texture in the slaved object.

#4 30-09-2015 
So yea. I reinstalled sims2 AND SIMPE and had a look. You may thank me later.

What you need to do: get the wallshadow mesh from the clubdesk and swap it with the one in your mesh using the attached file. Presto.

I fixed the shape so it pointed at the repositoried thingies.

Regarding the shadows Smile I think that you need to put the two mesh bits you deleted back in, then you may need to find the texture the handles shadow is mapped to in the original. if you are fortunate then the shadow is a different name to groundshadow and you can just repository it.

ALSO - you cloned the arkelstorp. I know this cos you didnt change the name Tongue

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#5 30-09-2015 
OMG I am gobsmacked by your helpfulness - all of you! Especially @leefish for reinstalling. Wow.

I shall continue working on it a bit later, but had to say OMG THANK YOU immediately. Celebrate

(And yes whoops I hadn't gotten to the name changing part yet. I did clone the arkelstorp. So I could steal its slots.) Tongue

#6 30-09-2015 
Let's schedule monthly questions to be asked that a helpful fish can't resist answering:

October: kiri - something about wall masks?
November: shasta - the magic of 1-tile windows centered on 2-tiles?
December: fansee - adding slots to staircases? tree branches?

maybe Lee will just keep ts2 installed and start playing again

#7 30-09-2015 
Yea, it was groundshadow I meant to swap, not wallshadow... Having said that, the club would be a good fit re wallshadows if you wanted. At least on the back.

#8 01-10-2015 
OK well....

1. The groundshadow works!!!! YAY THANK YOU AGAIN, wonderful fishes!

2. I changed the NAME. Tongue

3. The wallshadows were a big fail. I tried adding them, it crashed the game, I deleted them again. Not too concerned 'cause I don't think they make nearly as big a difference as the ground shadow.

4. The handle shadows perplex me. I think I did it right but it doesn't work. They show as white, of all things??? IDEK.

5. Edited the mesh a little because sims legs were clipping the drawer. So the drawer had to go.

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#9 01-10-2015 
Yea, I think you will have to make your own texture for the shadows and map to it. I cant find where it is linking to, and when I swapped some bits round the white on the handles vanished to be replaced by a LOT more white elsewhere Big Grin

#10 01-10-2015 
I think there's something weird going on with the Value counter shadows (that's Maxis' fault, not yours). When I made my counter completers for the Value counter (that are going to be released any year now Tongue), I tried the same thing as you - i.e. slaving the handle shadows - and I got the same result, they showed as white no matter what I did. I triple and quadruple checked it, but they just. wouldn't. work. (For the record, I had no problems slaving the shadows for any of the other counters, it was just the Value one that wouldn't play nice.) So I ended up doing what Lee just said, and made my own shadow texture. It was either that, or losing my mind completely. Rolleyes

Your desk looks great, BTW!


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