Many adults in a to continue the generation?
#1 30-09-2015 
Hi, I like to create families with many children (2-3) and follow all.

I always try to do many generations Big Grin

The problem is when children become young adults. It is not possible that everyone make own family etc because the maximum is 8 (except use tricks but now I'm on sims 4).

The only thing would be divide them into different lots, but if I control a family I can't control the other.

Have you also this problem? How you do it? Or you choose to control only an adult and the others are forcibly evicted? Big Grin


#2 30-09-2015 
Hmm. I'm no expert on Sims 4. You'll probably have to move some of the sims to a new house, and then you can play them in the new house. Or find a mod that lets you have more than 8 sims per house.

When I played Sims 4 I had 2 houses. One sim was pregnant and I went to play the other house. When I went back to the pregnant sim's house, she had already had twin babies. I missed the birth! I had all the "story progression" and "aging" options turned OFF and she still had the babies while I was playing the other house. So from my experience, playing multiple houses doesn't work too well in Sims 4.


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