Birthday Cake hacked
#1 01-10-2015 
Hello BoilingOil.
You can create a birthday cake, but instead of changing the life stage of one Sim, only add one day old?
Also it would be nice if the sim, can blow out the candles at any time, not only the day of his change of age.
I think it's nice to see when Sims celebrate the birthday of another sim, but I do not like that could be held only once in every stage of life.
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#2 02-10-2015 
You can get a cake that let's you celebrate any time (although it doesn't add a day)
And here

#3 02-10-2015 
Thank you so much Joandsarah!
In all these years, I had never seen that cake!, anyway, I think it would be very useful, the cake to add a day old, to make it more real.

#4 02-10-2015 
So, I guess that I'm off the hook and don't need to worry about this project?

* BoilingOil sighs with relief... "Pheeeewwww"

Thank you, @joandsarah, for finding that, because I really had no idea what to tell @ZeusSims. I'm glad that this request has been taken care of Smile

#5 02-10-2015 
I need this cake!! Only one day older on a birthday. BARGAIN.

#6 07-10-2015 
Glad to help, I've used those cakes for years. Smile

#7 07-10-2015 
I need a cake that permits one decade younger... in real life? Who wants to make it for me? :>

#8 07-10-2015 
Did you want it with chocolate or vanilla frosting?


#9 07-10-2015 
Chocolate, obviously.

#10 07-10-2015 
Chocolate is perfect! Thank Grin'! xD


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