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  • Creator: leefish
So, I made this a long time ago and I have to stop fanseelamb taking over the front page Big Grin

Its a really simple default replacement for the powerstation, which I think came with freetime? I dunno. If you dont have the powerstation as a hood deco object then yea, this wont work either. It just makes the powerstation a bit bigger.

[Image: power.gif]

Polys: 472 , compared to the original at 432. Yup, very simple edit

Known Issues: the steam is a bit off, but not insanely so.
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Power Station Default Screenshot Power Station Default Screenshot Power Station Default Screenshot        
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#2 04-10-2015
Yay! Thank you, lee Big Grin

#3 04-10-2015
yea, kiri said she would use it, so that emboldened me to upload it Smile

#4 04-10-2015
Mwahahaha my evil plan is wooooorkiiiiiiiing. I mean um. It's wonderful! Thank you! Big Grin


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