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I found this very simple tutorial showing how to make a Community lot garden with ever-blooming harvestables! Flower Celebrate

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Community Garden! Screenshot    
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#5 20-10-2015
Oh wow! On the one hand, this should never be done, because it destroys the opportunity for sims with a green thumb to make money off their gardens. And on top of that, with free veggies for all, it no longer means jack for anysim to be 'poor'.
But on the other hand, if both of the above arguments mean nothing to you, this is absolutely brilliant!

So, GREAT FIND! Well done.

#6 20-10-2015
i suppose that if you didn't sell it back to the community, and kept it as an OFB lot, you would actually have to keep tending the crops, rather than having them magically respawn every time the lot loaded..?

Owning a garden community lot could make for a really fun "Pick-Your-Own" business, using the ticket stub machine to charge sims by the hour, rather than by the produce. =)

#7 20-10-2015
@BoilingOil - You could still have sims sell produce on other lots. I'm sure they'll have customers. And poor sims will have to put in the work of going and picking stuff, and they still won't have money to pay bills or buy nice stuff. So even if those things matter to you, they're not necessarily dealbreakers. However - those things don't actually matter to me anyway. Big Grin

@grinEvilly - Yes if kept as a business you'd definitely have to tend the crops. You would probably get a lot of customer complaints about weeds. Tongue I'm not sure if customer sims would autonomously go pick the produce. I've never played with gardens enough to know. But thanks to this community garden idea I will soon find out! Smile

#8 20-10-2015
Picking would probably all depend on if you could make the produce sellable on the vine, or if they're only sellable after they're picked. Or, they might take the whole plant and put it in their shopping bag. hahahha... that'd kinda stink.


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