Finally on my hands...
#1 23-10-2015 
Hello Beautiful Simmers Smile

It's been a really stressing day for me was running all the day over the rain I've done almost everything went to University lesson , then drive back with the bus over the city centre the traffic over the road was just awfull then had a hair cut over barbershop and FINALLY it's the day I was waiting for! I decided to go for a Game Shopping and bought The Sims 4 Limited Edition after hearing of this huge offer of the sale of JUST 19.90 EURO Unbelievable but TRUE

Yes that's my Name's day present finally as I've been looking for a way to buy it but the "Capital Control" of Greece block our way to purchase it from online webstores (such as g2a)

NEVERMIND!! what doesn't kill you makes you stronger ? Cool This offer price can not be found easily especially from online websites but don't know if that low price has to be with the Greek Crisis

I just wanted to share my happiness with you Celebrate
[Image: YEvyXm0.jpg]

#2 23-10-2015 
Congrats Jim - that's an excellent price and Especially! with the Greek Crisis. Enjoy!!

#3 23-10-2015 
@celebkiriedhel Thank you so much kiri Heart Absolutely! A miraculous price for the Greek Simmers in Crisis Smile

#4 23-10-2015 
yay that is great Big Grin

#5 23-10-2015 
@leefish Thank you Lee Big Grin Will spent many moments on it for sure!

#6 23-10-2015 
Well, congrats, and happy Name Day!
Many happy returns =)

Enjoy your game, and post lots of pix.


#7 24-10-2015 
@grinEvilly Thanks so much for your great wishes Smile I will post soon hehe

#8 19-12-2015 
So how are you liking the game?


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