Ridiculous Double Hospital Bed
#1 24-10-2015 
* fanseelamb tugs at @leefish's sleeve

Look look look! I made a double version of theraven's hospital bed!


It's a ridiculous thing that nobody else would want to use or make.... but I wanted it and was able to use my shiny new object making skills to make it for myself! Textures slaved to the single bed frame and Maxis bedding, easy no problem. Imported just the "obj" for the frame part of the mesh, easy no problem. Fixed up the wallshadows, easy no problem. Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin

Next up: Do that easy slots tutorial to add slots to the other shelves of those side tables in the pic.

And maybe finish the girl's hair.
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#2 24-10-2015 
Those to-do things are probably both also easy no problem Big Grin

#3 24-10-2015 
That is pretty good fansee - well done Smile Slots next huh.

#4 24-10-2015 
HAHAH! double-hospital bed! My first thought was, "hey... classy way to pick up a date!" ...but then I started thinking... who wants to date a sickie? More likely, the result of excessive government 'cuts'. "Why not double up the beds and save room?" ugh.

"Morning... you're not... contageous... ...are you?"

Nice work, Fansee! =)


#5 24-10-2015 
okay bed looks great and now I really need to watch this show!

Sims Coast (aka Sim Tech?) had quite a bit of medical stuff if you're interested... someone at Sims Cave shared this mediafire folder, it even has pics Blush

#6 24-10-2015 
Oooh thank you Shasta!

* fanseelamb rushes off to raid that mediafire folder

#7 27-10-2015 
Whoo, slots achieved! Added 1 slot each to the end-table-stand thingies so both shelves can be used. And then added slots to this medical instrument tray thingie... the cheaty way, by cloning a tray that already had slots, moving the slots a little, and swapping in a new mesh.... but still YAY it worked! I gasped a little the first time it actually worked. Slots achieved!


#8 28-10-2015 
yay fansee Smile Those look great and that little tray is supercute.

* leefish wants it

#9 28-10-2015 
Well done,Fansee Big Grin

#10 29-10-2015 
Really nice job.


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