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Happy Halloween 2015!

Let your Ghoulish Sims decorate in Style! This is a simple set containing...

6 walls found in Paneling
5 floors found in Stone
1 Collection File - (put in Collections folder, not Downloads)

No Tricks, just a Treat! Your Sims won't have to pay a penny for these walls & floors, mainly because I refuse to force our Sims to pay for such things with their hard-earned Simoleans! - ha ha. These are perfect for just about any room your Sims wish to decorate...bedrooms, studies, living rooms...well, maybe not bathrooms or kitchens, but if your Sims can make it work more power to them! - ha ha

The inspiration for this set is from the game, Diggy's Adventures. I truly hope you enjoy this set!
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Gargoyle Wall Set Screenshot Gargoyle Wall Set Screenshot Gargoyle Wall Set Screenshot      
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#2 29-10-2015
Oooh that creates a really cool effect. Thanks for sharing! Big Grin

#3 29-10-2015
thank you for the spooky upload

#4 29-10-2015
Pretty good! Thx!


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