Recolourable ClothingTool/Dresser/Pile-of-Clothes
#11 08-11-2015 
@ranabluu The race is on!! Can you fix the merola thing before la lamb?

[Image: kxoXAEa.jpg]

#12 08-11-2015 
Looks cool, can't wait!

#13 08-11-2015 
Oh my, that is way nicer than the original stack of clothes, @leefish. I'd absolutely DL a default replacement like that Smile

#14 08-11-2015 
Eeee! OMG!! Lee you made it work!!! Heart Heart Heart

I think I can handle making Merola's work the same way.

* fanseelamb smooches leefish, downloads file and runs off

#15 09-11-2015 
Probably not considering I don't know whether I am coming or going these days, Sad. I hope you can FanSee!

#16 09-11-2015 
Related note! I've sent a very ferny edit of pescado's synctimer off to meetme for testing Smile Thank you lee for the how-to-ness ♥

#17 09-11-2015 
OMG. IT WORKED. Celebrate

I even got it to work the other way around so Pescado and Merola's files don't need editing at all, like @leefish explained in chat. Thank you SO much, Lee! Could not have gotten this to work without your help.

I think adding a slot to this mess is very beyond me at this point. (Had a look at Lunie's 23 page tutorial - yikes!) It just seems too complex with there being essentially 4 different objects and I have zero confidence that any attempt I make would work. So I'll just be content with using an OMSP if I want to pile them up.

Preview pic! You can't tell but the one he's holding is from the clothing rack, and the ones on the shelves behind him are the dresser and clothingtool. All recolourable, all slaved to one set of textures. YAY.


* fanseelamb excitedly runs off to make loads of recolours

#18 10-11-2015 
That looks fantastic fansee - good job Smile

@shastakiss - I hope it works for you and meetme et al


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