Recolourable ClothingTool/Dresser/Pile-of-Clothes
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Oh hi I'm in over my head again. Ack!

You know that ugly little pile of clothes sims pull out of clothing racks when they try on clothes? It looks like this...


There are a couple of mods that use it as their object. Merola's pile-of-clothes dresser, which works like a normal dresser.... and Pescado's clothingtool, which lets you plan outfits for NPCs.... they both use the ugly pile of clothes. The pile of clothes mesh is not actually included in those mods though - instead they link to it externally somehow.

So. I wanted to make the Maxis pile-of-clothes recolourable, and make a default-replacement texture and some recolours. That look like this....


Then, theoretically in my mind, the clothingtool and pile-of-clothes-dresser would also become recolourable and use the new recolours I made for the Maxis pile-of-clothes.

Except it didn't work.

I got the Maxis clothing pile to be recolourable. But I've tried it a zillion ways and can't get either the dresser or clothingtool to take those recolours. I did get them to individually be recolourable, and made some test recolours for each. But I'd rather them all share the same recolours.

I also wanted to put a slot on top of the pile so they could be stacked up. But the zillion failures have evaporated my motivation.

At this point I'm just exceedingly frustrated with the entire project. In my current mindset this is less a "please help me" post and more a "if anyone wants to take over this project here's what I've got so far" post. Undecided

So here's what I've got so far. A recolourable, buyable (for testing purposes) pile of clothes. Separately recolourable dresser and clothingtool. Some recolours for each. And a collection file with all 3 objects for testing purposes. Pics and files below.

If anyone is interested in figuring it out - be my guest.

* fanseelamb deflatedly skulks off


.rar  PileOfClothesARGHWHYWONTITWORK.rar (Size: 149.9 KB / Downloads: 755)

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Can you send me the two mods that use this? I'll have a look. -- Scrap that. I've got them. Wink
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Yes sorry I should have linked them in the first place. For future reference: Merola's Dresser; Pescado's Clothing Tool

Thank you so much for even looking, kiri! Heart

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If that linking to the clothing tool via a text string works the way I think it does, then it needs to be repository linked IN THE ORIGINAL object for it to bring recolors with it. I had this issue in the bottle, and the only reason I had to make all the blasted door clones was for the repository setup so that the recolors worked when the only reference was a text string. So. This is probably the way to do it:

1) Find the original object (the pile of clothes). Clone it without changing anything (untick all in the object workshop except default colors) and make a default replacement SHPE and a default replacement GMND for it with the recolorable block set up AND a materials mesh link for the repo in the GMND. Materials link to what? To your next object. See 2.

2) CLONE the pile of clothes, give it a new guid, and make it so it doesnt show in the catalog (untick everything in the catalog tab thing in OBJD). This thing needs to be recolourable etc etc.

3) Go back to object1, link up the materials meshname GMND block and SHPE to object2 and in theory - et voila.

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Confuses the heck out of me... Makes sense that this game messes up all the time, if the Maxoids made it this complicated.

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Yea, it might even need a MMAT. I know how to do it (I think) , I just don't really want to spend ages looking for a pile of clothes in SimPE .

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Ooh thank you lee. I tried so many variations but not that exact one. Will try it later. Smile

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ok, have a go at all the stuffs I said,if that does not work give me a yell Smile

#9 08-11-2015 
* leefish is merciful

See attached. I actually edited the clothing tool to point at your repo'd pile of clothes. Which I gave a new guid and repo'd and made not default.

Look in the text strings of the clothingtool. See where the (no longer) pileClothes points to now?

YOUR TASK: Make the merola thing work the same way. You need to change that text string to be the same as the one in the attached clothing tool.

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Just waiting for the finished project, lol.


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