Fishmas Advent Calendar
#1 02-11-2015 
Ho ho ho! This year, you will have the chance to celebrate Christmas with your favourite Fishies! During the month of December, I will be transforming the downloads portal into a special Advent Calendar. Like any proper Advent Calendar, it will be filled to the brim with goodies. What it is you will be getting, will be a mystery until you unwrap it.

To fill the Advent Calendar, I need your help, my little ElfinFishies! You will have all through November to create something for this special occassion. It can be as tiny or gigantic as you like. When you are done, take some preview pics, write down the necessary info in a .txt-file, zip it all up and send it to me. I will gather all the gifts and put them in the Advent Calendar. We will reveal who made what after Christmas.

To make things more personal comment on this thread with one or two words to inspire creators. If you are a big fan of Poppet’s hair textures, leave a note saying ‘poppet hair’. You could also post ‘Moar LACK!’, to make sure creators know that LACK is your favourite colourpalette. A big fan of fairytales? Post ‘fairytales’ and see how it gets other people’s creative juices flowing!

Have fun creating and don’t forget the milk and cookies!
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#2 02-11-2015 
Dear Santafish, I love maxis match - objects, clothes, hair, walls. It has to look like it was part of the game from the beginning Smile

#3 02-11-2015 
Dear Santafish, This advent I would like Sims1 converted to Sims 2. Smile In particular -

[Image: SIMS1-AquariumFront.jpg][Image: SIMS1-Armchair-Soux-Front.jpg]
[Image: SIMS1-Bed-Kid-Front.jpg][Image: SIMS1-Desk-Cheap-Front.jpg]

#4 02-11-2015 
Hmmmmm....I don't really know what I want for Fishmas...

I really like steampunk and boho styles. But I like classic and contemporary (not really modern) stuff as well. I'm fairly easy to please.

#5 02-11-2015 
I'm a happy Puddle-o'Goo as is. SantaFish needs not bring me anything at all. Besides, I won't be celebrating Fishmas anyway.

#6 02-11-2015 
* NixNivis knows who'll be the Grinch this year Tongue

Dear SantaFish, I like houses because I can't build worth a drat and even if I could, I don't have the skill or patience to decorate them nicely. I also really like Kiri's MLC palette, but also Poppet's and Shasta's.

#7 02-11-2015 
Ok, ok. Let's begin to think what to make... :> Thanks SantaFish for letting us know early enough. I'm a big time consumer, usually. Confused

#8 02-11-2015 
If a Santafish was to make houses Nix, what style etc do you like?

For fishmas Id love this TS3 build set converted to TS2

[Image: abrx21pz.djk.jpg]

#9 02-11-2015 
(02-11-2015 06:19 PM)NixNivis Wrote:  * NixNivis knows who'll be the Grinch this year Tongue

* BoilingOil is not Grinch. He just wonders what makes Fishmas so special. If you have lived alone for 35 years, and have celebrated being alive every single day, Fishmas is just another day!

#10 02-11-2015 
* justJones echos what Tiff said!!

I love that set for ts3!


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