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Hello Fishies!

I come with a chair to sit on.I thought that sims also need some common furniture.So I made this infamous chair for your sims to enjoy.
Polycount is a bit steep tho - 2500 - because amount of ridges and curves are high

[Image: chairs_zpsdz9wmxa3.jpg]
Chair only come in basic white.Feel free to recolour(chair is coloured via txmt)
Two versions - For people with pets or without - Pick only one
Enjoy Smile
x 15

Feel free to include my meshes with your lots and recolours
Feel free to recolour and convert to other games
NO PAYSITES(including TSR)
Credit is nice but not necessary
If you use my stuff I'd like to see it,so maybe drop me a link

Monobloc Chair Screenshot Monobloc Chair Screenshot          
Download link
Filesize 122.57 KB | File Name Monobloc Chair.7z | # of Downloads 1,337  
Filesize 122.6 KB | File Name Monobloc Chair - NO PETS.7z | # of Downloads 175  
#2 04-11-2015
Oooh I love it. Thank you!!

#3 04-11-2015
I have a chair like that in my back garden Smile

#4 04-11-2015
Wow, Oeselian, that's a gorgeous chair!


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