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This is a global mod to make fire more dangerous in the Sims 2. It comes it two versions, cd_more_dangerous_fire is the balanced version - fire spreads faster and destroys quicker, if you act quickly it can still be brought under control but if not it can get out of hand. The in the cd_much_more_dangerous_fire version, fire spreads and destroys twice as fast as in the more dangerous version. Only choose one.

This is a global mod that affects all fire in the game, once the fire has started. It does not affect the odds of fire starting.


Should be compatible with all versions up to Freetime. May not be compatible with Apartment Life or Ultimate Collection, I can’t test this as I don’t have those.


This is a simple tuning mod that tweaks the values in one BCON file, there are no mods I can think of that it would conflict with. It definitely works with the firemod available at MATY. You can even tweak the values yourself in SIMPE to get ones more to your liking.


Thanks to the makers of SimPE, and the hosts of this site for being welcoming towards creators adding global mods such as these
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Feel free to use my stuff however you need and re-upload but please give me credit.

More Dangerous Fire Screenshot More Dangerous Fire Screenshot More Dangerous Fire Screenshot More Dangerous Fire Screenshot More Dangerous Fire Screenshot      
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#2 08-11-2015
Thank you for the upload Smile

#3 08-11-2015
An intertesting project, @simmodder! On the one hand, I'm not certain wether I would want to install this mod, and endanger my simmies such. On the other hand, my simmies have seldom caused any fires, and the few times that they have, they were usually well prepared with sprinklers and/or knowledge of fire-prevention.

So I might want to try this anyway. Either way, thanks for making this one! Smile

#4 08-11-2015
Well most of the stuff I make is about making my sims lives harder, or at least riskier, it seems.

The more dangerous fire is quite balanced and realistic I think, there was a built in limit of 45 sim minutes before fire was allowed to spread for the first time which I've greatly reduced, and I've made it destroy objects quicker (which doesn't make it more deadly to sims, just their objects, which again I think makes sense), but if you have a fire alarm or sprinklers you would probably not notice the difference, as the fire would still get put out before it was able to spread anyway.

The even more dangerous version (shown in the screenshots) is another story, it devastates homes and families scarily quickly, as fire spreads twice as fast again, I don't use that version myself just thought some people might like that level of danger!


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