Sims 2 Overheating (?!)
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So, I've recently deleted all my CC and uninstalled the game to start anew. I waited for it to redownload on Origin and then installed fewer CC, put it in my game, and then started it.

Everything is good...until I get into CAS. A few minutes into it, my computer screen fades to black and then my laptop shuts off. It's due to being overheated. I don't understand why because it has never done this before (like literally two days before it has never done that) but now, suddenly, it gets overheated and shuts off. Sad

I'm getting frustrated. I just want to play the Sims 2.

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in your My documents folder

\EA\The Sims 2\Logs\

there is a file called <pc-name>-config-log.txt can you post it up? I need to see what's happening with your game.

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Here you are.

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Overheating can really happen at anytime. it's usually a case of dust. With laptops, it's a bit more difficult to clear out. But dust can store a lot of heat. Canned air might help, or a vacuum. Try that on the vents. If your heat sink comes loose and direct airflow is interrupted, that can be trouble, as well. Make sure the vents are clear as possible, and make sure that you're giving it plenty of airflow when you fire up your game. Graphics intensive programs use a lot of energy and create quite a bit of heat than say, checking your email or browsing the web.

I don't know anything about opening up laptops and cleaning them yourself, or even taking them in for a cleaning -- how much that'll run you. But it's less expensive than a new laptop, that's for sure. =)

Good luck!


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@Neropanchi Overheating can be caused for two reasons. One is the one that gE mentioned, the other is that the Laptop is working too hard.

From the looks of this, it may be a combination.

Your CPU is 2mHz - do you have dual or quad cores"?
And if I may ask, why did you decide to reinstall your game with less CC?

It may be that you're actually asking it to do too much if you only have 1 CPU thread.

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I'm pretty sure I have dual cores. I decided to reinstall because my downloads folder was huge. 17GB. And I was getting tired of waiting two hours for the Sims 2 to start up and an extra 40 minutes for CAS.

And what do you mean one CPU thread?

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@Neropanchi It'd be worth checking that you had dual cores. One CPU thread is the equivalent to one core. That is, it can cope with one thread of work. 2 cores = 2 threads of work.
A thread is like a queue of work (sorry I mostly work on mainframes, and with pc applications with lots of parallel processing so I tend to forget the jargon of the normal PC work).

When you start up your game do you have any delimiters added to it? (like -w for example which leaves the game windowed rather than full screen)

The reason why I'm asking - is that you are correctly using the med cpu fix which was set up for pc's that have dual or quad cores where the specs of one of the cores is recognised, but not the others. However, if it's used with a single core - it will burn out your laptop over a certain amount of time.

What I'm trying to determine is if your laptop is damaged or not by overtaxing the CPU, or whether it can be all put down to over heating because of dust.

The reason being -
Memory: 1024MB
Free memory: 452MB
You've not got a huge amount of memory - so 17G would be a huge tax on it.

Texture memory: 824MB
Your texture memory is ok for high resolution, but again it's not huge and it would be taxing.

Your CPU is
2094.399902Mhz, Name:GenuineIntel, FPU:1, MMX:1

Now if you only had one processor - and you were using the med CPU card, then there's a good chance that you've damaged your graphics card and it's over heated.

Also - do you play Sims3, and if so do you play it with an FPS limiter?
I burnt out my laptop graphics because of that.

Otherwise, if you have dual cores and you don't play Sims3, we can confidently say that its a dust thing, and you need to take it somewhere to get cleaned.
I'd also run Defragging and cleanup on the drives. to make the game faster and do less work.


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