• NCI - Wheel Of Fortune 1981 (Prize Wheel, WIP)
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So, here's a WIP of a rotating prize wheel that I'm working on. If completed, it'll be the first "expansion object" to the "Disk Of Karma" set as seen from ModTheSims HERE. It's a big IF, due to the way this rotating wheel functions. Right now, it's using the functions of a ceiling fan to spin. But, I have no access to the pie-menu of the fan, nor the coding of the fan.

The issue is that the wheel starts & stops at the same position as it does, without randomly stopping at a different wedge. There's a possible solution that I would imagine is possible, if using a time function. So, the idea is that the wheel will start off like the fan does. Once it reaches its top speed, randomly choose a position from a list of wheel objects, change its object, and then slow down to reveal the new position.

So...if the ceiling fan won't work, I'll need to check out another object in the game to use as a rotating object. If anyone knows an idea on what to do, please feel free to e-mail me.

UPDATE (May 19, 2016):

This wheel is now available for download. Click the image below to visit the upload:

[Image: 71686_160519043525NCI_WOF83_Logo2.png]

#2 15-11-2015
I'm absolutely no help in the modding department, but.... that looks so cool!

#3 15-11-2015
I'd like to buy a vowel... An A?

hahha... it's been driving me nuts all day, trying to come up with a solution for the puzzle. I am simply amazed at the realism of your designs!


#4 15-11-2015
Nope, there's no A's in the puzzle. The clue is "Before & After". It's a category where two phrases (or titles or things) are put together. The last word (for few words) from the first phrase starts off the first word (or words) of the second phrase.

E.g. "Remote Control Freak", or "Speaker Of The House Of Cards", or "My Fair Lady & The Tramp"
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#5 15-11-2015
No help with the wheel

But the phrase I think the first words are 'you be the Judge'??? the last word 'Rule'??

#6 15-11-2015
The last word can't be rule, because there isn't an e there.

#7 15-11-2015
You be the Judge Judy Big Grin

#8 16-11-2015
Well done Lee!

#9 16-11-2015
That's it! That's the solution to the puzzle.
[Image: 71806_160528031150NCI_LeeFish_WheelOfFor...el2_01.png]
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