New Laptop -- Is it ok for TS2: UC?
#1 15-11-2015 
Hello! I'm getting a new laptop and i'm wondering if it is good enough for The Sims 2: Ultimate Collection.
I hope it is, anyway here are the specs:

Windows 10,
Intel Iris 6100 (it runs Gta V on 30fps)
Intel Core I7 5557U ~ 3.0Ghz
16GB Ram
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#2 15-11-2015 
These are the 3 things you need to know for Sims2 UC, on Windows 10.

1. CPU - if it's a single core - it needs 3MHz
2. RAM - it needs 512Mb
3. GPU - 32Mb

1. Intel Core I7 5557U ~ 3.0Ghz = big tick.
2. 16GB Ram = big tick
3. Intel Iris 6100 (it runs Gta V on 30fps) - runs Sims 4 on Hi at 25fps. = Big Tick.

Yes. This was is a good one. Smile

You'll need to do a graphics rules fix for it - but all the stuff is already worked out for you in the Sims2 and Graphics fixes thread.

#3 15-11-2015 
Thank you very much Kiri! You are a hero

#4 15-11-2015 
Also I would like to add that Windows 10 is not compatible with Securom at all and The Sims 2 UC has Securom. To fix this issue I've made a tutorial here.


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