Committed Relationships for adults
#1 18-11-2015 
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Hi! I'm kind of embarassed that this is the second request I make of you, but there's no harm in asking, right? At least I'd know if such a hack is possible or not. I promise I'm not abusing this thread!

I'm craving committed relationships for adults. There's the Adults Go Steady hack here:, but as far as I know it's unsupported and I don't know if it plays nice with a bunch of other stuff I have.

So I am wondering if it's possible to make a hack that

1) Allows adult/elder sims to be in a committed relationship, complete with a propose interaction
2) That plays nice with ACR (ACR counts them as steady lovers, like in teens) and Pescado's Romance Mod (family sims accept committed relationships at a lower level than, say, romance sims) without losing features of those hacks,
3) Committed adults don't have to move in with their significant other after the proposal
4) Committed adults would still have the option to get engaged/married at a later date if they wish to do so.

It'd be awesome if the propose interaction would be called anything other than "go steady", that's good for teens but... not for adults, I think Big Grin It could be called something like Propose.../Committed Relationship.

I think it could be possible to do if the going steady interactions are taken as a base? *pretends to know anything about modding*

I would love you forever if you could consider. Thank you for reading!

#2 18-11-2015 
Abuse of the Garage is quite impossible, @redsims. Don't worry about that.

Let me get it right: you wish me to consider writing a relationship mod? Something that does what the "Adults Go Steady" hack already appears to do, but with the added benefit of being current and supported? I'm not unwilling to think about it, but I beg you to not hold your breath. It may take a VERY long time before anything useful comes out of my hands, especially since I know *nothing* of modding relationships.

In the meantime, I think you would do best to make a test hood, and just put in all your favorite mods as well as "Adults Go Steady" and see how that turns out. I don't remember having seen any posts saying that this mod no longer works properly, so maybe you'll be pleasantly surprised.

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Oh yay. I was worried I was being pushy Big Grin

Yes, basically. Of course it can take as long as you want, you have your own schedule and unfamiliar things can be tough to mod (learning shoeswapping alone drove me insane, lol) Think of this as a suggestion for a new hack.

I'll try that and check back here. I just downloaded a new neighborhood that I don't mind borkinating since I can redownload anytime.


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