Old timer (not age) - This looks like a new shiny place to be *smiles*
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Hi I'm Tabatha (tabbers, tabbs, xtabathax, etc, ect...)
I have kind of been around for a while but due to life, and other game interests I have taken a HUGE break from anything Sims 2.

It would be nice to find a new community to belong to and share my new sims 2 creations again maybe.

Anyway Hi & Nice to meet ya all n' junk.


Hmmmm I'm contemplating if I should add more..... NAH Tongue

#2 21-11-2015 
Hey welcome to the pond, Tabatha, I hope you enjoy your swim with us Smile

#3 21-11-2015 
Hi there, and welcome to the most awesome TS2-forum on the web Big Grin

#4 21-11-2015 
Hey, hi, welcome and goodies such as those, @tabbs. Big Grin

#5 21-11-2015 
Hello and welcome. Leefishers are shy and lurk in the weeds, but if you ask a question etc we will answer Smile

#6 21-11-2015 
Hi Tabbs and welcome. I promise not to bite and to be helpful.

Fansee on the other hand does bite.

#7 21-11-2015 
Hi, Tabitha. I'm Ginnie, Boo's Saving the Sims helper, and I do the community updates for her. Anything you post here will get into them!

#8 21-11-2015 
Welcome, Tabatha!! Smile The pond is warm enough to have a swim, even in November! Tongue

#9 21-11-2015 
Velcome, Tabatha. This is, in my slightly biased opinion, the loveliest Sims 2 forum around. Ve're glad to have you join us.

* fanseelamb gazes upon the fresh fish in a friendly manner vamp

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(21-11-2015 08:53 PM)fanseelamb Wrote:  * fanseelamb gazes upon the fresh fish in a friendly manner vamp

* BoilingOil is surprised; usually, fansee gazes upon fresh fish in a hungry manner...


Sorry, that is a members only option