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Fishmas 2015 - Day 7
Rudolph the red-nosed clownfish
Had a very shiny fin
And if you saw his fishbowl
You sure would want to get in

All of the other clownfish
Used to laugh and call him names
They never let poor Rudolph
Join in any fish-y games.

Then one foggy Fishmas Eve
SantaFish came to say
Rudolph with your nose so bright
Won't you swim with my sleigh tonight.

Then all the clownfish loved him
As they shouted out with glee
"Rudolph the red-nosed clownfish
You'll go down in history."

"Christmas Palm"
Catalog Location: Build > Garden Center > Trees
Price: $230
Requires Christmas Holiday Pack (cloned from holiday cactus)

Whether you're spending the holidays on the coast or just want to liven-up your beach party, have some festive colorful lights on your palm trees!

(Special thanks to Lee for help with the mesh.)

"Glassless Shadow Box"
Catalog Location: Buy > Surfaces > Shelves
Price: $105
Requires Apartment Life (cloned from KnockOnWood Medium Shelves)

This shiftable shadow box comes with a single slot for you to decorate your walls with keepsakes. Seen here in a group of four with a scallop shell and a starfish.

"Decorative Starfish"
Catalog Location: Buy > Decorative > Sculptures
Price: $5
Requires Base Game

"Decorative Scallop shell"
Catalog Location: Buy > Decorative > Sculptures
Price: $5
Requires Base Game
(Special thanks to Lee for help with the mesh and the texture.)
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#2 07-12-2015
YIPPIE!! Santafish brought another AMAAAAAAZING Gift!! The box is just BURSTING with Awesome!

Thank you Santafish!! Thank you to all of you hard at work in Santafish's tacklebox!

[Image: th?id=OIP.M7528c15b804d404c4abdbef37b3a1...;amp;h=300]

#3 07-12-2015
Wow. Thank you Santafish

#4 07-12-2015
Ooh, how lovely! Thank you, SantaFish and ElfFish!

And Rudolph the Red-nosed Clownfish FTW. Big Grin


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