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Fishmas 2015 - Day 8
O Swim All Ye Fishies,
Joyful and triumphant,
O swim ye, o swim ye to our fishbowl
Come and be merry,
Dance and have a party;
O come, let us feast all night,
O come, let us feast all night,
O come, let us feast all night,
in our fishbowl.

The "Starter Supreme" is a little house with everything!
Except CC - well, that was the goal anyway. Three pieces of CC did make it into the file. But, they are pieces most everyone has already (I hope!)

They are:
PFish's Invisible smoke alarm (MTS2)
HugeLunatic's backless tub/shower (MTS2)
and, pbox's 1-tile Country Shuttered Window

Lot size = 2X2 (or 20X30)
Price: 19,436
Zoned: Residential, and on a completely flat lot.

The house includes everything your sim will need: a full bathroom, bed, wardrobe, alarm clock, bookcase, chairs, table, stove, fire alarm, sink, fridge, garbage can, telephone, lights - and even a dishwasher! There is also a TV, a chess table, and a dart board. Poor sims need fun too Big Grin

What there is NOT - there is no burglar alarm, no computer, no microwave, no coffee-maker, exercise equipment, instruments, or stereo. The driveway looks like it's there, but it's not. Also, any artwork/decorations that you want will need to be added.
x 22

Do what'cha like - just keep 'em FREE ;)

Starter Supreme Screenshot          
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#2 08-12-2015
Thank you mysterious fish and Santafish!!

* leefish tries to figure out who the elf was Tongue

#3 08-12-2015
* fanseelamb snatches up pretty gift

* fanseelamb opens box

Ooooh it's adorable!!! Thank you!!

#4 08-12-2015
OOh! SantaFish had an early start to the day today!! And no wonder! He must've been very excited about this wonderful gift!! Thank you Santafish! Thank you Santa's Little Helper-fish!

[Image: 1480703_520834691349269_1611734629_n.jpg?w=705]

(...if you're curious about the fish theme in the pic... those are actually sushi santas! haha!)


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