sims2 #1
Fishmas 2015 - Day 10
O little pond of fishlehem
How still your waters lie
Above the deep and waveless blue
The silent ships sail by
And in thy dark bowl maketh
All fishies great and small
The mods and hacks for our sims game
And share them generously

Mesquite Desk (ts1 remake)
new mesh
polygons 990?
x 26

TS1 Desk Screenshot          
Download link
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#9 10-12-2015
I should confess I've been staying up later until the new gift is posted for the day! Thank you Santafish for such a fun event :3

#10 10-12-2015
Oooh. It's so wonderful. Thank you!

* fanseelamb squeezes present into overflowing download folder

#11 10-12-2015
Glorious! Celebrate

...thanksies to all ya'll!

#12 11-12-2015
Thank you! Fishmas


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