Christmas Store Set
#1 16-12-2015 
So far I have the winter souvenirs, and a display with MLC's Christmas Garlands "boxed up" and buyable from another custom souvenir rack. The boxes on the middle shelves are the buyable ones. The others are just for looks. This set is the bush "net" lights and the swag.

[Image: 69176_151215044319-display.jpg]

[Image: 69191_151216192309-displaypreview.jpg]

Both work just like BV souvenir racks (and require BV). Sim goes, picks which of the two they want, buys, then it's in their inventory.

Since the garlands have recolors, when you click to choose one, the color options pop up, but they aren't actually selectable in the store. But it is still fully changeable once you put them up at home Big Grin

Edit: I've just realized, looking at these pics together, that I need to revamp the box textures on the first one Tongue
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#2 16-12-2015 
That looks really good jones Big Grin

#3 17-12-2015 
They are looking more and more awesome all the time, Jones!! I'm so excited about this whole custom souvenir capability that you've mastered! It opens up so many possibilities! Is the Souvenir display hard-limited to ONLY 2?

Really great work on this whole thing!


#4 17-12-2015 
Having had a part in talking Jones into trying to finish this project up, let me just say: I knew she could do it!!! I did, I did. I KNEW it. This is a really awesome thing and I'll be sitting over in the corner waiting to download. Smile

#5 17-12-2015 
I've wondered that myself, Grin. But I really don't know enough about BHAVs to know if I could make it offer more than 2 choices. Seems that it should be possible, but I really don't know.

#6 17-12-2015 
Does the placeable object have a flag set to make it go on the stand? If so, look in the dahlens upload on MTS for a table I made that changes flags on objects.


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