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Fishmas 2015 - Day 19
Make some gifts for our fishbowl,
Make some gifts to share around.
Simmers all around the fishbowl,
share the spirit of fishmas.

Some star lights to bring holiday cheer to your Sims' windows on those dark winter nights - or bright summer nights, depending on where in the world you're swimming.

The lights can be placed in windows without using cheats, even if the window has a curtain. (Of course, they can also be placed against a wall.) There are four variations, for short single windows, tall single windows, short double windows and tall double windows. They can all be moved with the quartertile cheat, and can also be shifted up and down if you have AL. (Because of the size of the mesh they won't shift terribly far upwards, though.)

The set uses the repository technique, where the light for the short single window is the master. Both the file names and the catalog descriptions reflect this.

The star lights can be found in Lighting -> Wall Lamps. Prices and poly counts are as follows:

Short Single $25 - 500 polys

Tall Single $50 - 800 polys

Short Double $75 - 1308 polys

Tall Double $115 - 1748 polys

May your days be minnow and pike, and may all your Fishmases be bright!
x 27

With credit and a link, please DO:

- make recolours of my meshes and redistribute the meshes together with your recolours

- include my Bodyshop items with your Sims and my objects with your lots

- use my creations in screenshots, movies or stories; credit is appreciated, but in no way required

But please DON'T:

- take my work and claim it as your own

- upload my work as-is on any website or forum

- use my textures as a base for your recolours

- upload my work on pay/donation sites or to The Sims Resource - yes, that's even though TSR are supposed to be "nice" these days.

- alter or convert my meshes without permission

Thank you for downloading, and Happy Simming!

Starry Lights Screenshot          
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#13 20-12-2015
@justJones -- is it? i didn't know the english words. didn't mean to contradict you.

When i posted the fishmas pic, in my head i was thinking, "O Fishmas Kelp! O Fishmas Kelp! How slimy are your branches?" =)

We need about 9 more days of Fishmas... i have too many pix left to post!

#14 20-12-2015
(19-12-2015 07:06 PM)grinEvilly Wrote:  This has been such a great Fishmas -- not ONE gift has been a pair of argyle socks! =)

Be careful what you wish for, we still have four days to go. Wink

#15 20-12-2015
Thanks for the title Jones and GE. I of course never heard of it. It's a nice song.

#16 20-12-2015
Those are the English words, lol. See Pentatonix here Wink


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