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Fishmas 2015 - Day 23
I wait for Fishmas all year long
How I wish I that I could only change it
Take the calendar and re-arrange it
Then every day would be so nice
Candy Canes and all the Snow that's fallin
Every summer would be Deck the Fishbowl

Every day at Fishmas comes from me to you
So I pray And I wait And I hope that it doesn't come late.

Why couldn't it be Fishmas everyday.
Swimming around with Santa in the sea
Don't you know if you'll be good just like you should
You'll here those jingle bells rings.

Merry Fishmas!
justJones and I had a great time creating this gift together!

Tyke Nyte bed (ts1 remake)
new mesh and bedding
polygons 1558?

Happiest wishes for the new year,
x 23

TS1 Bed Screenshot          
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#9 24-12-2015
Awe, a trip down memory lane. Love this, SantaFish. Heart

Thank you! Fishmas

#10 03-02-2016
I love it! It reminds me of a bed from The SIms Bustin Out, been looking stuff similar/from that game forever Big Grin
Thank you!

(Also this download makes my download folder go over 2G, oops Tongue)

#11 23-07-2016


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