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Why hello there good sir/madam! Wondering who I am, I presume? My name is Seymour Thurston Prescotte and I am fairly wealthy, fairly handsome, fairly awesome, and fairly eccentric. I am a collector of sorts. I am presenting to you my first collection of stamps. Yes stamps, I collect many things and stamps are one of those many things. The great things about these stamps is that you can view them on the wall no need to have the butler or maid lick your stamps :chuckles to self:. These are Alice In Wonderland. Oh the lovely lass seems to find all sorts of trouble chasing behind a rabbit that has nothing but time on his mind. :chuckles in amusement: I digress. These pictures come from, also two forever stamps, and one of Wilt the Stilt. That one looks perfect in my sport memorabilia room; yes I am a collector of many sorts. This is a custom frame converted by Maron or Maron then MS Tea Queen MsTeaQueen or MsTeaQueen remixed it and was posted on the now closed BPS, it is called Hemingway (details are a little sketchy, wayback isn't helping Sad ) and I liked it so much I had one of my artist friends create these wonderful stamps masterpieces for me. ("Artist" note: I used some of MTQ's canvas to create the look I was going for, okay back to Seymour.) These are just a small sampling of the collection,the rest can be found here. The mesh is not included in each download but included for download.

Okay on a serious note: I hope you can use them and enjoy them. You also know that I suck at picture taking. Attached is also a list of sources that the pictures come from, a google search on the internet. I have all of the Sims 2 expansion and stuff packs in the game. I used the most up-to-date SimPE to make these pictures, if you want it, it can be found here at MTS. You will need CEP to ensure that everything shows up in your game.
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Lovely pictures, rana, thank you for sharing Smile

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Great pictures Rana, thank you.

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Thank you.


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