Bumper Cars
#1 30-12-2015 
I didn't want to ask and spoil the surprise about the bumper cars. How do they work, and do they spawn an NPC? Is there a required sized space they need? Thanks
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#2 30-12-2015 
The original thread is on MTS. http://www.modthesims.info/download.php?t=213108

I replaced the bumper cars from Echo, to make them work you need a fenced area and the cart runner. The cars are placed on the runner and then the sim walks to the car and gets in it. No NPC is created.

I used a normal railing fence to surround the bumper cars "ride", about 25 tiles square and then a pets room divider on one side to allow sims to walk over to the cars but prevent the cars driving all over the lot.

#3 30-12-2015 
Thank you!

#4 01-01-2016 
Um, I think a NPC is used. The Cart runner is a NPC, isn't it? It has an Age Data resource and its Name Reference is NPC_Robot.

#5 01-01-2016 
believe msd, not me Smile

#6 01-01-2016 
I don't see how a moving object could be made without an NPC to move it. The original cart runner does have an NPC.

#7 02-01-2016 
It's possible, but the results aren't ideal if Sims are riding the object. The roaches, for example, move about the lot without a NPC but it's a bit of "smoke and mirrors." The motion is jerky because the object snaps into place, but it's not noticeable because the roaches are a nebulous swarm. It's painfully noticeable with a Sim.

For those interested in reading more: http://modthesims.info/showthread.php?p=...ost3210227

It might be possible to do whatever the cars use to move around (a custom rig, perhaps?), but that seems to be uncharted territory. As far as I know, custom cars are just custom models that use the existing means of vehicular movement. To my knowledge, no one has made cars that drive outside the established "into/out of the driveway" and "straight down the road" paths.

#8 10-03-2016 
I'm glad you looked into this MSD since I would like to use this in a lot for upload and it's important people know it adds an NPC to their game since they can't simply pull the cart runner. Doing that is the same as deleting a sim and causes corruption.

#9 10-03-2016 
I think as long as it is on a community lot it would be ok?
@MSD ? What do you think?

#10 10-03-2016 
Unfortunately not. Mootilda had a lot of information on a MTS thread about this. I will try and hunt it down. She said any NPC you put into your download folder must stay there if you load up a hood. Any hood you load adds the NPC to it. You don't have to place the NPC item, don't even have to load a lot, just the hood. She did mention moving it to the character folder but recently someone showed a problem with that. We now tell people it's safest to place any NPC items into a Do Not Remove folder.


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