An incredibly small mod, but I was encouraged to upload it as useful.

In the hobbies section there is a basketball court with 2 recolor options for the court, green and invisible. If the invisible recolor is chosen it only works in lot view; in hood view it is green. This mod fixes the hood view.

Place in your downloads folder.

Thank you fanseelamb for the upload picture and for encouraging me to upload this humble mod

* leefish goes back to watching Jamie Oliver on youtube Smile
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Basketball fix Screenshot Basketball fix Screenshot          
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#2 03-01-2016
*notices date created* >->
Thank you for this, I love your hood view fixes :3

#3 03-01-2016
Yay! Thank you for sharing, this is very useful. I'm afraid my screenshot doesn't do it justice though. Perhaps this one would be more useful as a thumbnail.

[Image: gtSCft2.jpg]

#4 03-01-2016
Thanks Fansee, new thumbnail added Smile

@shastakiss yea, I dare not look at the date now you mention it

* leefish looks shamefaced


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