Double objects in Object Workshop
#1 03-01-2016 
Hi again guys!

I'm creating a no autonomous cleaning collection, where I go and get all the TTABs from objects that can be cleaned and turning it to not autonomous. Why? Because my slobs insist on cleaning and it bugs me. However, while testing, three of the objects are not recording that they are not autonomous. And these three all have in common that they show up twice in object workshop, with different group IDs. I've wondered about that for ages, but haven't bothered figuring it out as it's not been a problem. But now it is so it's time to deal with it.

I've extracted both TTABs for each of the items, and edited both to not be autonomous, but neither is working, so clearly I'm not even getting the right group ID. Does anyone know what might be up? I've tried to google but it's hard to make the search specific enough to yield results on this specific thing. Does everyone have duplicates of some objects, or is it just me? The items in question are Olde Tyme Toilette, Little Footprint Toilet, and You Got Feets Bathtub.

I suspect Super Jet Corner Shower would also be affected, because it shows up twice, but I can't test it because my Sim for some reason refuses to autonomously clean either of the corner showers so I can't really tell if the mod makes any difference.

And while I'm at it, any ideas on how to find the correct TTABs to finish this project? I usually use object workshop to find the group IDs, so when that's not working I'm stumped.
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