Aggravating problem with Milkshape & UV Mapper
#1 04-01-2016 
Several week ago I notice something different about Milkshape, when I import Wavefront OBJ the object is laying on it's side instead of upright like it use to. I couldn't find anyway to reset it, so I reinstalled Milkshape...but it made no difference. Today I opened UV Mapper and discovered the same thing is happening there.

Putting 1+1 together I came to the conclusion that it might just be something in SimPE causing it. I've spent the better part of the day looking at simPE but just don't know enough about simPE to spot anything that I might have accidentally changed. I was wondering if anyone has any idea what I've messed up and a suggestions on how to fix it, please. Google was no help.

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#2 04-01-2016 
Are you sure that when you export from simpe that the mesh is set to the right xyz setting?
Look at the bottom right in the gmdc plugin view.
If you are converting from blender files then this can happen too.
Maybe @Cmo will know.

#3 04-01-2016 
No idea, so I took a screenshot. Just out of curiosity I change the little XYS thingy to XZY and checked it in Milkshape and UV Mapper, now they both look like they should. Thank you so much and big hugs Lee, the problem has been solved, something that simple and it has been driving me crazy for a couple of week now. Blush I should not be allowed near a computer.

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#4 04-01-2016 
No problems Shell, the only reason I could answer so fast is because the very same thing happened to me Smile

#5 04-01-2016 
Yes, xzy is the "correct" way, for most things. But iir, some stuff, like fences should be xyz.


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