Understanding primitives
#21 10-01-2016 
As far as I am aware, there is no label anywhere that identifies what Params do in Guardian BHAVs. If such labels existed on the local level, the file containing them would be visible within the group that belongs to the object. Such files exist, but I've never seen them mention the 'Autonomous?' Param. If it were semi-global, it would exist in the group identified by GLOB; as far as I know, such a thing has never been seen. And I *know* for a fact - because I have *looked* for it, obviously - that it isn't defined globally at all!

Therefor, it occurs to me that there can be only one explanation: the stair sliding BHAV is obviously called without any parameters! Nothing anyone will be able to do about it, that I know of.
Unless - could you post a picture of the *entire* SimPE window? There might be something else happening that is not show in the tiny sections that you allow me to see. I'd like to see shots of BOTH the Window Washing and the Sliding BHAVs.

I don't know why you would need to copy the code from another BHAV, though. First type the required operation in the OpCode field (0x0002 in case of an Expression). Then, if the line already contains something else, simply press the "x" symbol at the end of the "Operands" field (this clears everything on the line), and then press the "Hammer & Wrench" symbol. Now you can define every part of the expression yourself, and it isn't all that hard; the interface will show you the way. Modders write whole BHAVs this way Smile

Finally, though I find this an interesting project, be warned that I will NEVER EVER download/install any of these mods. I don't want to be able to *direct* my sims to do these things. I've installed mods to make them do some of such things *less*, not *more* Tongue

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Here are the entire windows.

Window washing
[Image: WashWindows_zpslrh9cuem.jpg]

Stair sliding
[Image: Sliding_zps894hhxhy.jpg]

I do normally not copy BHAVs, since it's inefficient if you just want one part of it Smile I was getting terms mixed up though, I didn't mean OpCode, I meant Pop-up raw entry box. It's quicker to copy the raw code than setting each parameter individually, if you already have one that is set up correctly. The reason I copied in this situation was because raw code wasn't working.

Very kind of you to help out even though you aren't interested in the final product Smile I don't really want to make my Sims slide down stairs, but I know some people like it so I thought I'd do it now that I've figured out how. I love snooze though, it's adorable for elder Sims. And I have some neat-freak Sims who would clean all day long if they could, they'll love the chance to clean all their windows every day.

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Yeah, I know how it works with the Pop-up Raw Entry box. I just find copy&paste from one SimPE window to the next no more convenient than simply entering the data myself. Especially not with such a simple line as this. Anyway, that doesn't matter. I just thought I mention it, in case you wouldn't know how to enter your own code...

Now as to the problem at hand... I can *see* what's going wrong now, and it is exactly as I had suspected in the first place...:

Near the top right of the Plug-in view in both shots, there is a field named Arg count. This field tells the BHAV how many variables are being offered in Params.
  • in the WASH interaction, the Arg count value is 0x01, meaning that the BHAV will have one reserved variable: Param 0x0000.
  • in the SLIDE DOWN interaction, the Arg count is 0x00, meaning that the BHAV will get NO Params... of course, this means that it doesn't understand Param 0x0000.

So, now go correct that stupid mistake, you fool! <just kidding> Tongue

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Yes master. Right away master. Sorry master. (also kidding)

That did the trick. Hooray! Thank you. I've uploaded it now Smile Here it is if you'd like to take a look.
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Cool! And thanks for the nice words. But I *do* have a suggestion... Those links to my stuff, could you please make them both point to THIS page? That way, people will have access to ALL my mods from one page. Thanks in advance.

HEY, WTF??? Even when I'm logged in (I know how to log in, you know) at MTS, as soon as I visit your page I'm no longer logged in, and no matter how many times I do, it still treats me like a stranger. I cannot comment!!!

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Sure can do Smile I've swapped them now. I'll try to remember in the future too Smile

That's very strange. Are you still using classic version? Delphy has stopped supporting that one, so maybe he made some kind of change that messes with it :/

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I am using classic. But that should not be the problem, because I can properly access all other pages and downloads of other people *without* losing the log-in. So it's truly weird.

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Looking at the site issues forums there are a couple of posts about problems related to log in or log out from the past few days, so it would seem there is some kind of problem going on.

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Ok, I'll just be patient, then. Thanks for looking into it Wink

EDIT: Ok, it seems that they - whoever that may refer to - have fixed it... Smile

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Hello again! I bumped into a line that I wonder if I might ask you about, @BoilingOil.

I'm looking at another hidden interaction, and it has this line
[prim 0x0002] Expression (Param 0x0000 != Literal 0x0000)

Which looks a whole lot like the autonomy checks that we did, but instead of == and <> it's !=. I'm not familiar with what != means, but I think this still looks at autonomy since the arguments and operands are the same, right?


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