Sims 2, Windows 10 and a Quad Core Hard Drive
#1 07-01-2016 
Santa/My Husband got the family a spanking new computer for Christmas. It's super awesome and plays my boys games really well. Unfortunately, it does not play my Sims 2 game very well.
I decided to use the UC, since my disks wouldn't install, at all.
Shadows and Smooth Edges grayed out.
Stuck on 800x600 resolution
Lots of loading and thinking during game play. More so than just thumbnail regeneration. The game "thinks" whenever I switch sims in a household, or if anyone walks onto the lot, or if any notification or menu screen come up. Even thumbnail regenration is pretty slow. Two pages of buy items took 5 minutes to load. Ridiculous.
Config-log attached.
Any help would be appreciated.

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#2 08-01-2016 
Hi Holley

You need to download these 2 files -

Download Graphics Rules - Radeon - Texture Fix
Download Video Cards - Radeon - 665f

Put them into these folders:

\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\Fun with Pets\SP9\TSData\Res\Config\
\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\Fun with Pets\SP9\TSData\Res\CsConfig\
MUST BE INSTALLED IN BOTH FOLDERS - CsConfig is the one that is used for CAS and Bodyshop.

Once you've done that - run the game, and see what the lag is like. Then come back and let me know.

#3 09-01-2016 
Seems graphics issue were somewhat fixed. no longer stuck on 800X600 and I have Shadow and Smooth Edges options.
I do have the Black Square shadow issue though. Also, there is still a bit of lag loading things, which seems to still be greater than thumbnail regeneration long.
I have added the -CPUCount2 suffix in the Target area. Should I go down to Count1?

#4 09-01-2016 
@holleyberry try this for the shadows :

Also, do you have a lot of repository items in your game (cc)? Because if you have a LOT then you will see a delay in the thumbnails loading.

#5 09-01-2016 
@holleyberry Great to hear holley that it's mostly fixed. With loading lag - where and when are you talking about? Loading the game, loading the lot or the hood, or more internally in the catalog?

Lee knows what she's talking about with repo, also how much CC do you have?

#6 09-01-2016 
The lag is happening while switching between sims, switching from live mode to buy/build and back again. I understand lag loading thumbnails, for buy/build stuff. That doesn't concern me as much as the lag switching between sims.
I do have quite a bit of repository stuff and approximately 11 GB of CC.

#7 09-01-2016 
@holleyberry Try count:1, but it maybe that count:1 will slow it down a bit more - it's worth a try though.

#8 09-01-2016 
11 GB of CC crikey. Have you tried the game without the cc?

#9 10-01-2016 
I know that's a lot of CC. I don't normally keep that mich, but I've been lazy. I actually did a major clean out two years ago and, like an idiot, didnt back it up. We ended up having to factory reset the computer and I Los all that work. It discouraged me from doing it again, even though I really need to.

Anyways, I'll try the count:1 and see how that works.
Thabks for trying to help me out with this.

#10 10-01-2016 
Yea, I can understand that. You sort of "lose heart" - especially when you have already done it.


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