Making stuff recolorable
#1 09-01-2016 
So I was digging around through the downloads section over on Insim and came across the Family Fun Stuff add-ons by Sgoobysnacks29. I was so excited! A long time ago I recolored the Maxis fantasy stuff from that SP, and I was looking forward to recoloring these items to match mine.

Unfortunately, not everything in his set is recolorable. Is it possible to make them recolorable? He hasn't been on for years, so I'm pretty sure it would be okay to do them.

Here's the items that are non-recolorable:

Double Bed
Baby Crib & Changing Table
Dining Table

Any help would be most appreciated!

FYI - I have no modding skills whatsoever, a total noobie in this department.

#2 09-01-2016 
There is a great tutorial on MTS that is exactly what you need:

have a go at that and tell us where in the tutorial you get stuck Smile

#3 09-01-2016 
Smile Thanks! I'll check it out!

#4 09-01-2016 
Well, LOL, I didn't get far.

As soon as I clicked on the GMDC it popped up with a message, "Warning: You need to install Managed DirectX"

Not sure I want to install another thing on the new puter...ha ha.

But thanks for the info! Smile

#5 09-01-2016 
well, you are gonna need that to run simpe then Smile

#6 09-01-2016 
Hmmmm, that's odd because I run SimPE all the time to recolor paintings, furniture, etc... Maybe it's just giving me a weird message. Is the managed DirectX for meshing? because I've never done that. I use the photostudio and the object workshop to recolor stuff, but have never had that message pop up.



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