Hello from an old newbie !
#1 11-01-2016 
Hello !

I'm around for awile now but I never took time to register and introduce myself because I'm not pretty much of a creator (even though I have great ideas...).
But now that I've done so, I regret because I know now that I don't need to be "awesome" ! Wink

For the little story, I almost missed the chance to be a part of the great community of sims because back then, years ago, when I first played the sims, I hadn't understood that we could create objects and mods, and even get other people creations !!! (What silly of me !)  So, of course, I get fed up of the game !
But now and for 2 years, I'm catching for all that lost time and I will never get fed up again !

What can I add ? I'm french and I rather mod than bodyshop ... Because I haven't buy milkshake3D (don't even know if I would have the skill to use it) and all I can recolor ends up very ugly !
I've not created much for now but if you want to see, I'm on MTS and PBK.

I'll end with all my encouragements because it's rare to find a forum that is still active with TS2 CC.
And I'm happy to be among you all !
ankoyume, proud to be a member of LeeFish since Jan 2016.

#2 11-01-2016 
Bienvenue and I like your icon Smile

#3 11-01-2016 
[Image: welcome.gif]

Welcome Ankoyume. Smile

#4 11-01-2016 
Hello and welcome!

#5 11-01-2016 
Welcome to the pond! *waves a fin*

#6 11-01-2016 
Hello and welcome to the fishpond!

#7 11-01-2016 
Welcome to Leefish, Ankoyume. Smile

#8 11-01-2016 
Welcome to Leefish. Feel free to post and join in - most of us are decidedly none awesome and what fame we have is more notoriety....

#9 11-01-2016 
Yes, Lee, that's true! If you're looking for downloads, I post daily updates in the Content Updates area http://www.leefish.nl/mybb/forumdisplay.php?fid=58.

#10 11-01-2016 
Welcome to Leefish, Ankoyume. Glad you decided to jump in, this is a very nice place. Smile We've got fish from all over the place s(w)imming around here, and at least one more from France.


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