Hello from Finland
#1 11-01-2016 
Hi, My name is Ellu, I have been playing Sims2 from the very beginning, but had a long hiatus during past years, downloaded the UC while it was all open for everyone, but at the time I did not have a computer good enough to run the game well. Bought my current laptop last year, and with some tweaking I got UC to run smoothly indeed.

Have a nice and lovely year 2016 Smile

Best regards, Ellu

#2 11-01-2016 
Welcome Finnish simmer Smile If the forum seems quiet its cos most of us are too shy to post, but we do answer Tongue

#3 11-01-2016 
[Image: welcome.gif]

Welcome Ellu - we are quiet, but we are nice. Smile

#4 11-01-2016 
Hey welcome to our fishbowl Big Grin

Karen Lorraine is not quiet Big Grin

#5 11-01-2016 
Pshhhhh... Shy like a streaker! =)

Welcome aboard!


#6 11-01-2016 
Hello, neighbour! Swedish simmer here. Smile Welcome to Leefish!

#7 11-01-2016 
Hello Ellu, welcome to the bowl Smile

We already met in the NSL thread, but that's no reason not to greet here, is it? Smile

#8 13-01-2016 
Hello Ellu!
Welcome from southern neighbour too Smile

#9 13-01-2016 
It's a fishbowl... everybody's kinda fin-ish


#10 20-01-2016 
wave G'Day Ellu, welcome to Leefish.


Sorry, that is a members only option