Tropical Mini Hoods
#11 14-01-2016 
Wow, really creative Ellu! So cool..

#12 14-01-2016 
ah, landscaping. I can spend hours dabbing little bits of terrain paint here and there Smile The hood looks lovely, how big is the file?

#13 14-01-2016 
At the moment, after compressing and rarring, a little under 4mb, but still some furnishing left to do Smile

EDIT: oh, wow, 7z seems to make it even under 3Mb.. I never used that before and it came as a suprise Smile
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#14 14-01-2016 
There you go then. That would fit on leefish downloads Smile

#15 14-01-2016 
What a cool project! Smile

#16 14-01-2016 
Uhh.. why everything has to go the hardest way.. Okey, now the problem is neighborhooddecoration.. those maxis BV palmtrees are simply too huge for as small terrain as this is .. and that old palmtree just looks like crap in lotview. So downloaded Alex_Stanton's palmdecos, only couple of those were usable (not those with white lane in textures all over the tree), just to notise those cannot be placed on lot, water or road... okey.. so SimPe here I come.. made those changes to those few trees, and as that makes even more CC, I cut all the recolors off the CC-list...

So, making the look of the island once again all over again.. now it looks like in the pic Smile There is one building less compared to my first pic, but that is supposed to be "secret" anyway Big Grin

EDIT, now my only problem is that it looks crappy on neighborhoodview Sad But when at lots those palms look way much prettier than maxis original palmtree ..

EDIT 2: daah, I remake it once more with maxian palm.. looks so messy now.

EDIT 3: First of all, I deeply apologize if I am pain in the ass , but how to know if not ask? Smile Added pics of the island with maxian palms, and a lotview from both, as I have now identical copies od the hood, other with maxis palms, other with stantonpalms. Filesize is suprisingly to me almost identical. So wich one? Confused (unfortunately the BV palms wont do, as they are too big, all the bushes under the palms and those will be floating in the air , the map is small)

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#17 15-01-2016 
Looks the same to me, you can't stop the neighbourhood looking fuzzy in lot view, that is just how sims 2 is. I would say take a break and look again with fresh eyes but look at it like it was someone else's upload. Sometimes I think when you sit and stare at your own creation all you end up seeing are the flaws. To me it looks good. Smile

#18 15-01-2016 

Perfect solution would of been if I could of used that palm and tropical bush I have wich are converted from castaway stories, BUT i remembwe reading from somewhere years ago that using of those is a big NO-NO Sad Those would of been perfect.

#19 15-01-2016 
I cant think why the castaway palms are not allowed. Is there something wrong with them? They wouldn't be allowed at MTS, but that is another reason.

#20 15-01-2016 
I think I fixed Alex Stanton's Palms - so they shouldn't turn up with texture errors.

Now the only question I need to ask is where did I put them? I made them for iCad - so it's probably on her tumblr somewhere.


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