Tropical Mini Hoods
#21 15-01-2016 
No, nothing wrong with them Smile Castaway palms, I mean. I do not know why I have had the impression that those cannot be in download. Yes, maybe (and most likely) something I have read over at MTS. Well then, if I can use those I have no problems anymore Smile

celebkiriedhel, I'll try to hunt those fixed palms Smile

#22 15-01-2016 
Firs, sorry for doublepost, I did tried to edit but it did not worked, maybe bad internet in my part.

NOW I am so happy how this turned out Smile

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#23 17-01-2016 
Here I am spamming again Smile

But I consider as I spam only this one topic it ain't so bad.. I hope Big Grin Changed the title of the topic also, as I did finally finish the Uni last night (even the pain in the .. bottom.. Greek House..) , and today I continued finishing the main hood map Smile

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#24 18-01-2016 
It looks really nice, Ellu.

#25 18-01-2016 
Lovely simple layout Smile I love it.

#26 18-01-2016 
Thank you, both Smile

I must say this, if anyone woyld be willing to playtest, I would be superhappy Smile As no matter how many time I have tested it , it is made from this computer and I am almost bored to even see the uni atm Big Grin So I know I have missed lots of things I should of had checked Smile

#27 19-01-2016 
ok, do you have a dropbox or mediafire account? You can upload the hood to that and then share the link with testers.I will test it Smile

#28 19-01-2016 
I've got codes for SFS that Ellu can have to load up to SFS.

#29 19-01-2016 
ooh good idea Kiri

#30 19-01-2016 
I'll make and send a dropbox-link tonight Smile

Thank you celebkiriedhel Smile I am fine with dropbox, and I won't once again start to learn something new (SFS) Big Grin


Sorry, that is a members only option