Tropical Mini Hoods
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Everyone plays differently, I knowSmile I like to have max 2 playables in one doorm at a time Smile Maybe that is also why I keep doing those miniature dormrooms (for dormies but big enough to fit the bed and minidresser in case I really move more playables in the dorm), hard to get rid of old habits Smile

I usually never have computer in any dormrooms in my game, even for playables. In my own game only thing sims do at their rooms is sleep and change clothing, all other happening will be outside of the room Smile

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Whenever you put a lot- or many lots up for other people to download you need to think about what will have wide appeal. Some people, myself included tend to have 3-4 playables per dorm, apart from the first room they would find themselves in basically a closet. I like to have a double room too, but not if there isn't room. In every bathroom in lots for upload I add a basin, for myself though never, I add a shower or I make it two tiles and just have a toilet as I like lots of toilets and basins don't bother me since I don't make sims wash hands. if they are dirty I tell them to shower, if not *shrugs* but lots of people do like sims to wash hands or have a wash hands mod so I carter to that. I would also make sure each dorm has at least one computer, players can always delete it if they don't want it. Some people don't leave the dorm very much so each skill item is a must.

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Yes Smile I tried to add basins to every toilet, I won't use those in my own came either, but as I know many people do, I do tried to remember those Smile

And for skillitems, I try to remember to add those too, but as my gameplay in uni hood is so much to do with communitylots, I simply keep forgetting to add those Smile And as I said earlyer I am not a lotbuilder, that is why I knew there will be huge amounts of rework to be done for me Smile But that is the reason I needed testers, only way I can learn Big Grin

EDIT: YAY!!! found a way to still remain that dorm as with one doublebed and two singles with bigger space Smile *happy dance*

joansarah, I will post pics tomorrow of those Smile
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Hi it's me again.

Got flu at first and it got to pneumonia now.

Anyway, here my new fixes for those dormrooms joansarah mentioned. I hope those now serve a little better their purpose Smile

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so many months, I am slow, but had a lots of irl things in the way, If it is still okay, I would love to post the hoods here, those have changed a lot in passed 8 months Smile

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Can't wait to see what you've done Smile


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