Tropical Mini Hoods
#31 19-01-2016 
I would like to test this for you as well Smile

#32 19-01-2016 
Okey, Thank you Smile will send you those links now Smile


BUT I warn all testers, it IS tiny!! The map is tiny itself, cannot fit a lot in that Smile

AND , one of the "rental houses", the campground, is ment to be without a phone... there is minimart just next to you, walk 3 steps and buy a cellphone Big Grin
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#33 20-01-2016 
Yellow Flamingo Dorm. (I am just loading up and going around without any sims)
Pink Flamingo Dorm
I don't see anything there. The bed canopy shows up blue, goodness knows why. It goes away as soon as I use the swatch tool on it. The dorm rooms there are very tiny. Good for dormies but I would not like playable sims in them. perhaps two rooms could be made into one. So there are two rooms on each side instead of three.
The cafeteria person only has 3 spaces for meals against how many dorm doors there are.

Blue Flamingo Dorm
Needs a fence at the top of the stairs behind the easel. Missing fence pieces at stair tops always bothers me.
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#34 20-01-2016 
Ty joandsarah Smile

I'll start to work on those when at home Smile

I know the dormrooms are tiny Smile but yes I'll make that change also Smile And the bed canopy.. I have no idea, I did not used any cc regarding to beds at all Confused

#35 20-01-2016 
Probably an EA glitch like that M&G? siding.

#36 21-01-2016 
Hopefully I get more feedback before I upload Smile

I did fixed all what joandsarah reported Smile TY so very much once again <3<3
And picked differend beds also, so no more blue , I hope Smile

The Main Hood is also "done" now, next to the downtown Smile

#37 21-01-2016 
I will be doing some more checking soon, those are just the places I looked at.

Green Flamingo
Also some very tiny rooms. I would be more inclined to make that large one two medium rooms and only have one tiny room or even another toilet. I'm wondering why there is such a huge difference between the room types.

Here's what I would do. It still has 3 dorm rooms.
[Image: Screenshot_zpse7ut9trs.jpg]
The large room is now two medium sized rooms. The small room is one tile longer. The bathroom I put there could even be given as an en-suit to the tiny room, sort of a bonus you get for taking the tiny room. The other medium room i would do up to match the first one.

Student Centre
I would remove the counters in the bathrooms since students are very likely to cook up hotdogs and dump the serving plate on one of them. Plus if students want to stay long term a shower in each bathroom is more practical.
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#38 21-01-2016 
(21-01-2016 12:09 AM)Ellu Wrote:  Hopefully I get more feedback before I upload Smile

Just be patient, hoods are a big thing to test and not everyone has a chance to play their game everyday Smile

#39 21-01-2016 
Klaartje, I am really sorry I sounded inpatient Smile That was not my attention at all Big Grin It was about 1-2 am and I had been up for almost 18 hours and very tired (+ had too much coffee), so I did not paid much attention to my word use Smile

joansarah, about that dorm, originally it was allmost like in your picture, 3 rooms with singlebeds Smile But when I showed pictures of them, someone said it would be best to all dorms have at least one doublebed Sad . Then after thinking about it few days I changed it to way it is now.

#40 21-01-2016 
@Ellu In dorms, I have double beds for my playables. The NPCs just get a single, so I have things a bit half and half. Bear in mind, a 5 by 4 room is perfectly big enough for a double bed, even with room for an armoire. Never a computer. Evil NPCs playing sims at 2am Sad


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