Nixed Sims Update, 12 January
#1 12-01-2016 
[Image: clocktitle.jpg]

CEP Extra for the BG Cheap Alarm Clock

'Cause ordinary clocks need some TLC, too. Wink Thanks to Michelle for letting me use her LACK textures!
[Image: nixedbuttongreen5.jpg]

#2 13-01-2016 
So glad for this - I hate the original colour for that, and the only alternative I had was making a default to calm it down. Now I can have MANY recolours! Big Grin

#3 13-01-2016 
Super cool, I might use this more now Smile

#4 15-01-2016 
Thanks, Kiri and Lee! Big Grin This is really thanks to Michelle, though, I most likely wouldn't have thought of it if it hadn't been for the recols she made for this clock (or rather a CC variation of it) at MTS.


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